Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hi! How've you been?

I'd like to say we've been really busy, but I am not sure we have been really busy. Mom was here, then she wasn't, then we did Vacation Bible School. And now we are done with Fourth of July and almost to Gwen's birthday! I know, summer is almost over and I have pictures that I haven't even posted. I have been feeling like I haven't been finishing anything and have projects weighing on me, I guess not necessarily anything I can say hey guess what I did, but piles of crap that I have to accomplish are not still there, so YAY me. But that doesn't leave much time for blogging. So, maybe I will start blogging more, but I can't make any promises!
The kids have recently received lots of cash and since we don't often splurge on them or buy them anything Eric decided to just take them to Target and let them pick something out. Here is what they picked out:Nate sure gave lots of people in Target smiles, he almost ran through the store yelling "I AM CAPTAIN AMERICA". He might have added sound effects at the end, you never know with that boy! He definitely is a very vocal boy, and has no problem showing every emotion and letting us know about it. Seriously like to yell excitedly about stuff, I don't know where he gets it from, cause Eric Gwen, and I aren't like that. But he certainly keeps the older generation entertained, it is kind of fun to walk a little behind Nate and watch the wake of smiles he produces. I also find myself talking to a lot of random people who seem to feel the need to talk to me about his enthusiasm/energy level.
I made Gwen pose with all her accessories. Ok, so I didn't have to beg this time, she willingly went over and posed.
We were hoping to throw her a princess tea with her best girlfriend whose birthday is 4 days after hers, but all the other girls from her class will be out of town, so we've scrapped the idea and we are going to just do family thing together. Maybe we'll do something more later. Gwen isn't super princessy anymore but since we were planning the tea, I encouraged her to get the accessories also. She hasn't really worn the whole thing together, but I often see her fussing over the tiara, bending it back so it is just so (that is how you know it is high quality!). Purple is her new favorite color, if you must know!

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