Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dr. appointment

Today we had the 4 month appointment. Rachel is doing well, looks good, and growing, oh my is she growing!
Here are the vital stats:
Weight: 15lb 13oz (95%)
Height: 25in (80%)

This is a 2lb 8oz  and 2.5in change from last month
Just to compare Nate's stats at 4months:
Weight: 17lb 13oz (90%-95%)
Height: 26.25in (90%)

Gwen's stats at 4 months
15lb 8 oz (75-90%)
25 in (75%)

So, my girls are about the same...Nate who weighed the least out the gate is currently largest 4month old baby.  Now to attend to 2 crying kids! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 months

The princess is now 4 months old!   Ok, the second princess, Gwen gets mighty offended if I call her princess, but fortunately I happened upon a book at the library called The Second Princess and just have to remind her that 2 princesses are ok, she is still the first princess.  Ah, the joys of multiple children!  Back to Rachel...
Our happiest baby, that I recall.  I don't really remember Nate as happy, just cuddly, Gwen as crying, so currently happiest baby.  She smiles a lot and giggles, and is officially rolling over front to back and back to front.  Sometimes she rolls over if you lay her down for her nap (as you see above) and has actually fallen to sleep on her belly, but I did not get a picture of that.  (I didn't want to wake her while I searched for the camera, Nate was home, need I say more?)  This is also making the diaper changing a bit more challenging, since she is mostly laying on her side when I am trying to get the diaper off and on. 
She is currently drooly, a finger sucker and has a runny nose.  Whether she is sick or teething we will never know.  But, she doesn't seem to mind the bulb as much, I mean sometimes she lets me without screaming...not without wiggling. 
She LOVES watching things, is very distracted by everything and likes to look around.  She just watches and watches and this complicates the "schedule" (ha, schedule, I crack myself up!)  Unless she yawns, it is hard to tell when she is tired, she doesn't just nod off to sleep, she just kind of stares into space and you think, gosh, is that it, time for bed? 

She is a chatter, she just starts babbling on and on, but she usually only does it at home and it is often a sign that she is ready for sleep.  Which is hard to reconcile, because it is so cute and I just want to chat with her...see here.(sorry about the fuzziness, the boy may have been taking pictures and I might not have realized that his finger print was on the lens until after I started the video)(this video might be too boring for anyone but my Mother and Mother-in-law! I hope they enjoy it.)

She is almost ready to sit up and is starting to grab stuff with her hands and bring it to her mouth.  She's not real good at it yet, she's at that hilarious point where you can see her trying desperately and then her hands/arms not totally following the directions her brain is telling them to do.  Fortunately she doesn't get frustrated, she's more nonchalant about it, like oh well, I've still got my fingers.  Now me leaving the room, that is another story.  She seems to not like it when I walk out of eyesight these days, fabulous, isn't a little early for separation anxiety?  With the kids and/or husband around this isn't a problem, but I was just getting used to dashing off to the potty, by myself, oh well.  I guess that was a short-lived dream come true! 

Overall we have a pain in the tail screaming infant, that is turning into a pretty fun contented baby!  Yay Rachel! 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today I have sad news. Rachel has the sickies, we are not quite sure what, and she appears to be fine (and she's my third) so, I will not be taking her to the Doctor. She just has a runny nose and is rather congested, but she isn't acting any crankier than usual. I just feel bad for her congested self, she isn't so pleased with the bulb thingy, but she is pleased with the results. But I tell you her sneezing and coughing is rather pathetic, fortunately it is not frequent. I have a picture in the slideshow of her today. All smiles!

Rachel is getting more and more charming everyday. She has those chubby checks and in a couple days she will be 4 months old! The kids still adore her and Gwen loves showing off that she can carry Rachel. Nate still loves hugging and kissing her, but we still have to work on that she isn't a doll with movable parts. She loves watching them, so that's cool.

I'd like to say more, but you know, I desperately need to go to bed. Well, after I make the kids lunch, who knows how many time the mucous one will get up tonight, so I'd better be prepared!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Friday, October 12, 2012

New pictures!

I have some recent pictures of Rachel, would you like to see them?  Oh, wait, first I'm going to write some stuff and then I'll post the slide show.  Rachel is getting bigger, or so people tell me.  I think she is about the same as she always was, I am sure, I've had to put away 0-6 month clothes and she isn't even 4 months yet (3.5 months today!)  She is on her way to making sure she is heard, she was giving me quite the story today.  She chatted up a storm and it seemed like she has something very important to say to the ceiling, or a picture on the wall, or some thing else, that wasn't me.  I have a video, I'll upload it one day. 

We put Rachel in with the big kids tonight, so far so good.  But I imagine this will be more difficult in the days ahead and for me if she wakes up in the night, damn those 50 steps are going to be tough and where am I going to feed her?  These are all things I should have probably considered a long time ago, but there are really no good solutions in this house, and I desperately need to have our room back so I don't have to have my work stuff all around the house.  I need stuff to be contained, and it isn't currently! 

We still can't really tell what color Rachel's eyes are, she appears to be growing hair, it is still likely the same amount of hair, it is just growing longer.  And is it going to be blond?  Many unanswered questions we have here.  She really enjoys sitting up and today she cried every time someone smiled at her.  Which would be sad if her making a sad face wasn't so ridiculously cute.    

Well, by now I know my Mom is like, where are the pictures!  Oh, who am I kidding, she just skipped to this section and didn't read any of this.  (Hi MOM!) 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Big day for Rachel! She decided today was the day for rolling. As our babies start to develop personalities that we can distinguish. Rachel seems to have a very nonchalant attitude. When she went to roll over today, it took her about 10 minutes, each stage she kind of hung out for a while and then turned a little hung out some more, I desperately wanted to help her along, but I spent that time trying to locate the camera and the battery! Fortunately I found all the parts and got some pictures of our cute girl. Here's the slideshow of her in "action"

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hi October!

I have a bunch of pictures that I loaded into a slide show, we have taken some pictures and haven't posted them, so I loaded them up! Here you go, enjoy! In other news, Rachel is now 3 months old, the kids have been in school for 6 weeks now. I think we are settling into the routine and getting used to waking and sleeping times. I don't know for sure, but we might be getting the hang of school, a newborn and car pool. Nate loves school and comes home very excited and full of information. He gives us so much more information than "I forget girl". Gwen loves 1st grade and she is becoming quite the reader. Of course, she won't admit she's a good reader, but occasionally she will read something that surprises me. And on our 36 hour trip to Maryland this weekend, she kept reading Eric's speed limit, which was hilarious because it annoyed Eric. (yes, I know this is a number but we have been working on those also). Rachel is turning into a better baby, not a good baby yet, still a little fussy. Of course, she puts on a good show for others. This weekend in Maryland at a restaurant the waitress asked if I wanted to give her applesauce, since she was a little fussy. I was a little surprised and said no, she's not old enough to eat solids and she said oh, really how old is she? I told her 3 months and she said "wow, she's a big baby". Thanks lady. She is smiley and started laughing the day after she turned 3 months. She has fabulous double chins that really come out when she smiles. She still hates tummy time, but we think she is close to rolling over, this is our next goal for her...hahaha! Gwen and Nate both rolled front to back at 1 month, so we are trying to adjust to a baby that isn't super far ahead in gross motor skills. I wonder if that is any indication of how she is going to be on the rest of the gross motor skills. She is an adorable baby who seems to love her brother and sister and often follows them. She is starting to vocalize which can be very useful, say when you want Nate to stop squeezing her and you can tell him those noises means to "LET HER GO!"