Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update of sick update

We are back from the Dr and the news is we are not seriously ill, yet. There is some congestion in the lungs, but the coughing and sneezing are apparently working to get rid of it. Gwen just seems so tired, the coughing and sneezing are certainly causing her not to get deep sleep. She also had a low grade fever that we will have to keep track of. I checked her yesterday but no fever. So the Dr said hopefully this is the end of her cold and not the beginning of the something worse.
Here are some pictures of the sick girl before we went to the Dr. (I knew you couldn't last much longer without pictures.)

Poor Miss Gwen was having a terrible time sleeping, waking up after every sleep cycle and whimpering/crying, so I broke down and gave her some Tylenol. We also gave her some quality time in the bathroom with some steam and turned up the humidifier. She is still running the low grade fever, now she is finally sleeping less fitfully so hopefully tomorrow she will be on the mend after a good night of sleep.

Sick update

Today we will be going to the Dr. Apparently they feel that Gwen's cough is enough to warrant a Dr's visit we are going today at 2p. I tried to call yesterday but couldn't get through (I tried for an hour, that was enough for me!). But today I got right through, I don't feel like she was all that bad off yesterday, but today she sounds terrible. I will let you know how it goes.
In big news today, I lost 1.8 lbs. Only 30lbs to go. UGH! I have decided that I am going to publish my weightloss efforts to hold me more accountable.
Well, the baby is finally asleep, time for me to get stuff done.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sometimes it just breaks your heart

Today Gwen took a long nap, after a long time of whimpering and fussing. While she was napping she had a big coughing spurt and then started whining. I thought she was waking up, so I went up to get her, but as I peaked in I noticed she was still sleeping. Poor girl. It just broke my heart.
We were able to go and fill out the paperwork for the temp job and take the drug test. For some reason, the crazy people wouldn't let Gwen in the room (Reyna suggested it was because they thought that I was going to wring out Gwen's diaper for the pee test). Fortunately, there was a Grandma and great-Grandma in the office who kindly offered to watch Gwen while I peed. The rules were pretty strict, when she left me in the bathroom I wasn't real sure what was up and what was down. She removed the trash can and hand soap from the bathroom, I can understand the trash can, but what am I going to do with the hand soap, she wouldn't let me wash my hands in the restroom, kind of bizarre. She did let me was my hands, thank goodness. In case you were wondering it was a 45 minute drive to the lab from the house, and I certainly didn't want to do that again tomorrow. Plus I had drank about a liter of water on the trip so it took me about 10sec. Now poor over tired, sick Miss Gwen is laying almost peacefully in her crib. I am hoping she is better tomorrow, towards the end of the day her health was deteriorating. We don't really have anywhere to go tomorrow besides WW, so hopefully she can get in a good long nap or 2.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Miss Gwen is sick, again. I suspect she has another cold. She is acting normal besides the runny nose and cough, so pictures might not be available for awhile. I would like to mention that she is starting to grow longer hairs on her head. I have counted 20 that are longer than 4 in. Now, you might wonder why would I count the longer hairs, and when do I have the time? Well, I don't know where I got the time, but the way her hair is growing in it made me curious. I mean she has these hairs on the top of her head that aren't all together but kind of stick up, from far away you can't tell, but when you stare at her all day, you can see them pretty good, so I counted. (You must be thinking now, gosh, it might be good for Melanie to get back to work.) Hopefully little G will be better soon and we can resume pictures, but the ones I could have taken today would have not been very flattering.
PS have you seen that Volvo commercial with the little girl that just keeps talking and talking, I am pretty sure that is going to be our Gwen, she so intently stares at us you could swear she is talking, she is moving her mouth and no words are coming out. She also babbles to Eric and I incessantly, she doesn't always babble in front of strangers, but when it is just Eric and I she is babbling monster.

Friday, January 26, 2007

But I studied, what do you mean I failed?

So, Monday I have to get a drug test. I have never had to get a drug test before, but apparently when you work for a temp company they make you do one. Why might you ask am I working for a temp company? Well, I will be going back to work for maybe a month. I will be setting up a lab for my former employer, it seems too good to be true. They will give me a laptop, I can work whenever I want (i.e. in the evenings) and I have my own peon! Wohoo. So, as long as I can pass the pee test I should be ok. Until I start work, I will be able to update regularly, but after that, I might not be as active updating, but it should only be a month or so. My Mom says you can survive anything for a month (ok, maybe 2-3 weeks is what she said, but a month isn't that much longer. So here are some pictures from this week.
This is the finished floor, with the furniture. Pretty nice, yes?
Now that it is cold here, Gwen can wear her sweaters and stuff. This is a sweater given to her by one of her great Aunts (& great Uncle). It zips up the back. So fun, but sometimes men suspect she is a boy when she wears it. I am convinced though that men just are silly when it comes to guessing the sex of a baby, I have had Gwen in all pink and men will say "he is so cute." DUH! She is in pink. Anyhoo, I digress.

I think it is a way cool sweater, and even though I didn't get a good picture, she is cute in it, (Eric just called her a 'garden gnome', he is funny, yes?)
Wednesday we had book club, Riley made her first appearance. We had a good time. It was Riley's first visit to our house and Gwen slept through it. Oh well. I am SURE, Riley will be coming back over again.
I don't remember what I was trying to get a picture of here, but Gwen totally clammed up.
Yesterday, Gwen and I drove down to see AJ, Gwen seemed very interested in AJ here while he was working on holding up his head.
AJ seemed interested in Gwen, until he got hungry.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures from NM

So, I have finally gotten a spare minute to post some pictures for my 2 loyal readers. Things are 'calm' here, they will probably be for a couple days until the next thing happens. I just have to say, Gwen and I have no plans for air travel for January or February, the pictures at the end of this post remind me why! So, here are the week in-review pictures from NM, minus the pictures of Bisbee and Gwen, since those are in a different post.
Gwen and Grandpa.

Gwen showing Grandma how far she can bend.
Gwen has a new interest in water bottles...I call her sticky fingers because at this point everything Eric and I have in our hands she wants in her hands and she can usually grab it, especially if you are not paying attention.

Gwen playing with 'Baby Tad'.

Gwen playing with her top.

So we hard a time getting Gwen smiling for this picture, Bisbee was in the area and he was so distracting. Grandpa was trying to tickle her, but she just wasn't going to smile!
Playing in the seat, waiting for us to take off!
Are we ever going to get off this plane Mom?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dr's appointment

Yesterday was the six month appointment. The Dr did inform me that Gwen will likely be crawling and pulling up by the next appointment. Well, I would hope so, the next appointment is in 3 months. If she wasn't crawling by then I would really have to worry about her development...she is putting her butt up in the air and getting her legs under her and has had a couple of crawl like motions, but nothing to actually propel her forward. She is still going backwards, and yet somehow getting to where she wants to go. Her are the vital statistics, for those of you who are keeping track, oh and kudos to Joan for the almost exact guess. (She had height correct, off by a little in the weight department!)
18.7 lbs (80%, finally no longer 90%, she apparently gets the 'solidness' from me, my Mom says)
26 1/2in (70%)
4 more shots yesterday, took the first shot like a champ, no tears, second was a different story, don't what it was but she certainly was NOT happy.
Not much new to report, Gwen talked and smiled and cooed. She has been babbling a lot more the other day she did actually babble Daddy, but I did not encourage it, I just kept saying no, Mommy, mommy, mommy. She just kept babbling about nothing. She does like right at you and move her mouth like she is talking to you, but doesn't actually have anything coming out and looks at you like she is telling you something important. One of the stroller strides girls mentioned it. She also has been acting like she is chewing gum, or eating constantly. We are trying to figure that out. Yesterday when I was giving her the nasty, I mean yummy rice cereal I noticed that I often 'chew', hoping that she will get the idea. Who knows, it is pretty funny, Eric and I never chew gum (unless Eric can find grape big league chew or bubble gum ice cream). Have a great week. Posts might be more frequent this week, now that we are done with the floor and book club is done. Who knows I might even post pictures of the new floor with the furniture back in place!

Let it snow, let it snow...

Well, Gwen had her first experience with snow. It snowed on Sunday all day and we actually took a break and went outside for a walk. Gwen didn't seem to care either way about the snow, but I think she was glad to out of the construction zone.
Getting into her outside garb.
Ok, ready to go outside, we must hurry to the outside before she explodes.
Can you see the flurries?
I don't know if you can see the flurries in this picture. We went to the store (maybe a five minute walk). The woman at the grocery store asked Gwen if she liked being out in the cold and Gwen flashed her a big smile.
I wanted to get a picture of her in her the snow. (you can see it is not very deep)
The garb is so thick she can't really sit up in the snow suit (I think she is getting ready to make her first snow angel, but Eric said it was too cold and we must go back inside, party pooper! It was her first experience in the snow, I guess a guy from MD doesn't appreciate that like a FL girl does, I guess the WI relatives won't appreciate the first snow either.)
Here is a picture from the day before when we went outside. Her cheeks look so shiny because I put some real thick lotion on her cheeks, kind of like petroleum jelly to protect her cheeks somewhat from the cold. You can see she has inherited my fair skin and rosy winter cheeks. On a side note, when we were in NM the baby photo albums were pulled out and Gwen does not look like Eric at the same age. He was a blond boy with a different head shape. So, she gets that a the terrible hairline from me! :(

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What we have been up to

We have been very busy this weekend. As you all might recall Eric and I have been working on putting down a hardwood floor. Did we mention we had a deadline? Eric starts school on Tuesday, I am hosting book club on Wednesday. You can see our progress. Sorry about the lack of posts.
Unfortunately, I can't post pictures tonight. So, I will update this sometime later with the pictures. Suffice it to say we have completed about 15 linear feet (no idea on the sq footage, to tired to measure.) We have less than 2.5 feet left. Good night.

Here are the pictures, this is where we started Saturday morning.

Wow we have a lot to do this weekend.

This is start for Sunday morning (what we finished Saturday).

This is all we have left.
How would this website be complete without pictures of our little helper? (ok, so this isn't the best picture, but she is laughing!)
Listening to instructions about how to pick wood for Daddy to nail down.

She is thinking about using this piece.
Ok, she is looking to see what piece we have to get next.
Ok, how about this piece? No this piece.
I've got it, Mom, stop telling me what to do!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

How much is that doggie in the window?

As I have mentioned before, Miss Gwen loves Doggies. Well, the in-laws have a dog, Bisbee and let me tell you they LOVED each other. Gwen would smile and squeal with delight whenever Bisbee was in eye view. Bisbee would sniff Gwen, he really wanted to lick her. If he was eating and heard Gwen crying he would stop eating and try to get to her to make sure he was ok. One time I was playing with her, rubbing my head on her belly (which for some reason always makes her giggle), he came over to check me as if to say, leave my baby alone! Here are the pictures of Bisbee and Gwen and anyone else who happened to be in the vicinity. Looking back now I realize I took far too many?