Monday, January 01, 2007

More from Christmas Day

Well, I haven't finished posting about our Christmas trip, so now that I have a couple minutes. But, first things first, Happy New Year! I hope 2007 has more bright spots than 2006! Gwen sitting in my rocking chair, ok, well, I am probably to big for it now, but it was given to me on my second Christmas. If I am not mistaken, my Dad refinished it several years ago when some of the neighbors children were having children.

Here are some pictures with my new camera...yes I got a new digital camera for Christmas, what do you think, better pictures? Christmas day, Gwen entertaining us after dinner with a spoon.

Oh, if you would like to see the video (taken with the new digital camera) of Gwen eating drop me and email or leave a comment (to leave a comment click on the comment link, you can post under anonymously if you don't have a blogger account).

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