Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh September

It seems like fall now. Our trees are losing their leaves and it is down right chilly in the morning, and it is hard to plan the day of clothes for Rachel.  I'd forgotten that.  Thought you'd like to see some pictures from the last couple days.  Rachel appears to have the same fascination with looking at books and magazines as Gwen does. 
Now this picture is typically Nate, he certainly needs lots of hugs.  He's always been a touchy feel-y kind of kid and this always having to hold Rachel is really hurting his style.  Also he's missing some sleep and that makes him really need more physical contact.  He'll take it where he can get it, so you have to watch out.  But these needs make for a really sweet picture, doesn't it? 
We really enjoy bike riding, so this weekend we made the kids fend for themselves and hooked the car seat in the carrier and went for a little ride to the grocery store. 
Gwen is much better up the hill than Nate so Gwen and I "charged" up the hills and Eric pushed Nate up the hill.  When we got home I ran into the house and got the camera and tripod and set up for our first family outing picture.  Sure, it might not be the best picture, but look here we all are! 
Then we went in side and I got a picture of just the kids.  Look, everyone is looking at the camera!  HI!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my MIL's birthday, and since we are fairly behind and she said that checking the website for new pictures is something he enjoys, so here are some new pictures!
I have been trying and trying to get a picture of the kids together, oh, how hard I have been trying, but it is impossible. Rachel is too young to get her attention, and I have to get all 3 of them in the right mood (not necessarily a good mood, but a picture taking mood!) I should probably try to get pictures of the kids with Daddy home, but you know that is difficult too, I can only do it on weekends and then it would be an even bigger for now this is the best I could do.
Look at our sweet is she?  Talking to us, still looks like Nate in this picture, but I still think she is cute.

So Happy Birthday, I hope you that you have a fabulous day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rachel's Baptism

We had Rachel's Baptism this weekend.  We were fortunate to plan the Baptism with our friend's baby's Baptism also.  Both girls did remarkably well, although we wouldn't expect any less of them.  Rachel wore the familial Baptismal dress, the history of which I recounted here.  Rachel is our third child, we've Baptized our children now in 3 different Churches and this was the first full Mass Baptism.  It was a nice service and we were blessed enough to have my Mom, and both Godparents here for the service.  And we had a nice reception at the house, where the kids played and the adults talked and we shared some lunch and cake.  And despite the dreary weather we all had a nice day!  It is possible I should pay more attention to the weather, but I guess that is a post for another day.  Here is a slide show of pictures from the day.  These pictures were taken by my Mother and a random parishioner that Mrs. Kyle asked to take pictures for us.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Sure, this might not be a best picture, but look, do they all look alike? I realize that Rachel looks a bit crazy, but I guess if you look for those kind of things, there might be a family resemblance?  
Where are Gwen and I in this picture? I am obviously working hard around the house, or making dinner.  Gwen took the picture.  I am sure in the year to come we will get a better picture of the 3 of them.  But, I guess they do look alike.  I am sorry Rachel, we love you dearly, hopefully soon you will be as photogenic as your brother who you seem to look exactly like. You seem to have charmed everyone with your boyish looks, how alert you are, and your love of Momma.  (OK, only Momma is charmed by that.) 

Nate's first day

I realize I'm several weeks off for Nate's first day of school, but I did document it, and I promised my mother-in-law I'd get the pictures up last week. I'm a failure this week at getting stuff done! Oh well, hopefully if I get the pictures up I will be forgiven.
Nate had a great start to school. Eric and I have been a little nervous he wouldn't toe the line. He seems to be fairly smart, but at home has a hard time listening and following directions. He seems to not have any of these problems at school and is just sucking up information like a sponge. He's stayed on green and I've been told he is trying really hard to follow the rules in the hallways of not running up to the staff and other teachers.
There were no problems dropping him off for the first day of school, he was SO excited he jumped out of the car. He did however cry on Gwen's first day of school, he was so upset he wasn't starting on the first day. Of course that could be because they were both so excited they didn't go to sleep on time. So, here are the pictures!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

2 Months

Rachel is now 2 months old! Okay, so I am a week late on this post, so now she is 2 months and 1 week. I've been busy, I tell you! And really it has nothing to do with 3 kids, it is the other things. Now we are at the time where I should fill you in on Rachel. Everyone keeps telling me how good of a baby she is. Of course they see me when we are out and she's in the sling. She's lovely in the sling, all her needs are met in the sling. She can eat, poop and sleep in the sling, probably all at the same time, if she decided too, she is that skilled. We are coming to the time were people like to see the baby, because she is really starting to respond to people and smile (besides being so cute)! They assume that now she is developing personality and they are excited to see it shine through. She seems really has a special place in her heart for our printer and the fans and lights. Mommy tries not to be offended that she spends just as much or maybe even more time smiling at animate objects as she does smiling at Mommy.

 Rachel is still a fabulous night sleeper. I really can't complain, we put her down between 6-7pm, she fusses and then sleeps, getting up 1-2 times a night, most often sleeping until 7:30-8. She doesn't really make a lot of noise sleeping and doesn't really fuss when she wants to eat, unless I am out cold and she's super hungry! Seriously can't complain! She spends her days making up for that awesomeness by wanting special attention-to be held ALL day and not sleeping unless we walk with her, within 5 minutes of stopping the walk she starts crying and wakes up. I can put her down for short periods of time for tummy time, in the bouncy or swing. But she doesn't really like it. She likes to be held and she will let you know it.

She continues to be very alert when she is awake, she studies everything. She tries to mimic us and is free with her smiles. Her smiles light up her whole face, which I love. And she looks at me a lot and seems like she has something to say based on the movement of her eyebrows. I don't know if all babies are so expressive with their eyebrows, but my kids seem to be and it makes me smile!

We went to the Dr and they are pleased with her growth and her attention. She was 13lb 5 oz and 22.5in long. She gained 1lb 1oz and 0.5in. I think she is staying on her curve for weight 80% and dropped a little on the length curve, but I imagine she is in for a growth spurt soon-length wise. I do wonder when she will get a neck and Eric wants to know when she will start to laugh.

I tried to get a picture of her smiling, but it was difficult to do it while holding the camera, so the next day she was really smiling at Eric and I started snapping. Some great smiling pictures there!
(Sometimes I look at her and think "why did I put Nate in that dress?" I think the resemblance between them is strong, what do you think?)