Sunday, September 02, 2012

2 Months

Rachel is now 2 months old! Okay, so I am a week late on this post, so now she is 2 months and 1 week. I've been busy, I tell you! And really it has nothing to do with 3 kids, it is the other things. Now we are at the time where I should fill you in on Rachel. Everyone keeps telling me how good of a baby she is. Of course they see me when we are out and she's in the sling. She's lovely in the sling, all her needs are met in the sling. She can eat, poop and sleep in the sling, probably all at the same time, if she decided too, she is that skilled. We are coming to the time were people like to see the baby, because she is really starting to respond to people and smile (besides being so cute)! They assume that now she is developing personality and they are excited to see it shine through. She seems really has a special place in her heart for our printer and the fans and lights. Mommy tries not to be offended that she spends just as much or maybe even more time smiling at animate objects as she does smiling at Mommy.

 Rachel is still a fabulous night sleeper. I really can't complain, we put her down between 6-7pm, she fusses and then sleeps, getting up 1-2 times a night, most often sleeping until 7:30-8. She doesn't really make a lot of noise sleeping and doesn't really fuss when she wants to eat, unless I am out cold and she's super hungry! Seriously can't complain! She spends her days making up for that awesomeness by wanting special attention-to be held ALL day and not sleeping unless we walk with her, within 5 minutes of stopping the walk she starts crying and wakes up. I can put her down for short periods of time for tummy time, in the bouncy or swing. But she doesn't really like it. She likes to be held and she will let you know it.

She continues to be very alert when she is awake, she studies everything. She tries to mimic us and is free with her smiles. Her smiles light up her whole face, which I love. And she looks at me a lot and seems like she has something to say based on the movement of her eyebrows. I don't know if all babies are so expressive with their eyebrows, but my kids seem to be and it makes me smile!

We went to the Dr and they are pleased with her growth and her attention. She was 13lb 5 oz and 22.5in long. She gained 1lb 1oz and 0.5in. I think she is staying on her curve for weight 80% and dropped a little on the length curve, but I imagine she is in for a growth spurt soon-length wise. I do wonder when she will get a neck and Eric wants to know when she will start to laugh.

I tried to get a picture of her smiling, but it was difficult to do it while holding the camera, so the next day she was really smiling at Eric and I started snapping. Some great smiling pictures there!
(Sometimes I look at her and think "why did I put Nate in that dress?" I think the resemblance between them is strong, what do you think?)

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Mafitz said...

Oh yes, she is Nate's sister!!! What a cutie! Hugs!