Monday, April 30, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday was a busy day for us. It was supposed to be just a busy day for me, but Gwen as usual had other plans. I won't really going into that now, we had our rain date Easter egg hunt. Here are some pictures of Gwen picking up eggs. I took a lot of pictures, 'cause she is so cute. I posted them all too, 'cause I couldn't decide which ones to post.

Gwen was also able to spend some time with her friends. She really seemed to have a good time. She was also a big hit, squealing randomly, everyone that it was cute.
She seemed to really enjoy this, you couldn't really see the cool part of this toy, it was covered by her dress.

Another post later that include the pictures of my haul of toys at the Nearly New Kids sale!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


This first picture is from after I gave Gwen some food, do you think it is an allergy? I guess I should mention that Gwen has been getting better about us feeding her, I mean she is not always tolerant of help, but she has sometimes let me help her eat. Thank goodness!
This picture has nothing to do with Gwen, just that our overly creative neighbor came over and gave us this invitation. I know it looks like a box, but look at the next picture!

She has offered to help me with Gwen's invitations...I don't think that I am going to go that crazy, but who knows! It certainly is nice of her to offer to help.


We have been a little slow on the uploads here. Well, you know about the issues we had Monday with the laptop, so Tuesday I took several pictures so I could try uploading the on the new laptop. I then found the pictures on the external drive and uploaded those for you. So, now while Eric and Gwen are sleeping I am going to upload these pictures for you. (yes they are both asleep and it is only 8pm) I am currently uploading the videos I took also.

Video 1, Gwen playing the piano, again. She really enjoys that, if you'll notice she puts her hand up to turn the pages...I don't know how she learned that so quickly, I often play piano, but not necessarily from books.

It is amazing how fast they learn. You can see in video 1 & 2 when I say no, today she chooses to listen. In video 2 she is trying to go for the brass outlet, she wants to suck it, which for some reason I think is a bad idea! Mommy is so mean!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We've had a lot of interesting new developments in the last couple of days. Sunday night Gwen got her 3rd Made for a very long night for me, but should be exciting to see her next little tooth.
The other night when I was posting and uploading the following video and pictures. We realized that our laptop was dying. Apparently the computer no longer wanted to be able to charge, for a while the computer has been acting like a pain, would shut off right when I was in the middle of a post and do other crazy things like lock up. So, Eric and I dreamily went to stores and looked at laptops, but decided to wait until our laptop died. Monday night we realized that the little plug in the the computer that held in the power cord had broken off (where, I don't know, but hopefully in the computer, 'cause I need to find it before Gwen eats it!) so Tues I went and got us a new laptop. It is so nice! We are still adjusting to Vista, and let me tell you that it is just like these ads. After watching this ad it gives me hope...we can turn off that feature, now I just have to find it!
But, on to the pictures, that I never got to post...sorry Reyna! Reyna and Riley visited us last week for the first time in I don't know, seems like ever. The following pictures and video show us that a good time was had by all. Maybe now that spring is here we will see more of them!

Riley tried out Gwen's jumper...she doesn't have much interest yet, but I am sure she will soon...although she did tell us it tasted yummy!

Here are some videos:
This first is the Gwen/Riley video

This is Gwen and I playing Patty-cake.

She now knows to hold her hands up and if I am trying to play patty-cake to distract her from something else she gets back up when we get to the baker rolling part. But, she does seem to like playing patty-cake.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Recent pictures

Gwen and I (and Eric, but he had to study) were invited to a 1st birthday party for one of the Stroller Strides girls. Gwen and I went and we had a good time. When we came home on Sunday we played with Eric.
Here is Gwen with her party favor barrette.


Our new counter tops are installed and in use. We love them, at least I love them, I think Eric does too. We also have a fully functional sink, I won't go into it, but suffice it to say, I exchanged some words with Home Depot, about it! I have unsuccessfully tried to post pictures for several days now. These are the papaya photos from almost 2 weeks ago. I am not totally sure if Gwen likes papaya or not, I do know that she likes crawling on the floor looking for something to put in her mouth, I have to ask, why doesn't she like to put the stuff in her mouth that I give her in the high chair. Sure the hard wood floors are better for allergies, but they host a lot of dirt that can go in the mouth.

Gwen has now tried pork, chicken, yogurt and graham crackers, out of the 4 she likes the graham crackers the best. She seemed to prefer the pork to the chicken, I don't know why, maybe it was the salt and pepper on the pork, or the sauerkraut that was cooked with the pork? Who knows, I was just glad that she liked to eat the pork. I don't know if it was because I had the pieces so small she could pick them up or maybe she just likes pork. It is certainly becoming more important to keep floors clean! I am watching her crawl on the floor as I write this (so excuse any typos) she is crawling to any small object she sees on the floor and touching it with her finger to see if she can pick it up and eat it. FUN! Well, I must go, she is heading to the other room...I guess cleaning the floors is added to my nightly list of activities! Hopefully more pictures later, I hope!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

More videos

Here are the videos that didn't make yesterday's post. Hopefully later I will be able to upload pictures, which I haven't been able to do. But, here is another dancing baby video.

Here are 2 with Gwen "drinking" water.

And, last but not least Gwen going from sit to crawl.

In other exciting news, we are now starting to cruise. Yesterday was our first nice day, in a long time, Gwen decided to celebrate by making walk with her outside for about an hour. She did a little playing (I mean interacting) with the neighbor kids, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.
Have a great weekend. Happy Birthday Kiki!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma

I told my Mom that I was going to post special videos for her today, on her birthday. Now, just looking at the videos you might not realize why they are special, but the little toy she is playing with in the videos is a toy my Mom gave her that I told her that Gwen is scared of. In the last week or 2 Gwen's fear has subsided and she now actually plays with them. Here is the first video.

I don't know if you can tell but the little CD, she actually moves the CD with her finger.

Did you see her she plays the CD and then dances. I will post video 3 when it uploads. We have been having technical difficulties with uploading for the last couple of days. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eating, Gwen style

Today I got a video of our new style of eating. Have you ever gotten a glimpse of what your life could be like. I just see myself as that Mom in the store who has a kid screaming "I do it" and the people behind me in line getting very upset with me. Some day maybe I will come to terms with that. I am sure that some of you can understand.

So now that I understand that Gwen might actually like food, she just wants to do it on her own, eating has become much easier. Today we refused oatmeal, but then I mixed the oatmeal with apples and she gobbled them up. But, I didn't let her try to eat the oatmeal on her own, sometime between the refusal of the oatmeal and defrosting of the apple I finally got it. Now, I can get 2 small 'meals' out of her.


Miss Gwen as I said started vomiting at about 6:30, after she had been asleep for maybe a half hour. She vomited for about an hour, spaces between vomiting spells getting longer each time. She fell asleep on me and woke up at about 9:30 her old chipper self, very excited to see daddy and wanting to hang out. So, we found her some clean warm night clothes (not very easy to do since today is laundry day!) This morning she is back to her chipper self. Crazed and fun! We suspect it was something didn't agree with her and we are going to take it easy today food wise.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dr's appt

Today was Gwen's 9 month Dr's appt. Everything went well the RNP said Gwen is right on track for her age. We had a chat about Gwen's eating situation. Which as I explained to the RNP has changed in the last 2 days, must have known I was getting ready to tattle on her! Gwen has started eating from a spoon. She is not overly enthused by it, but the RNP told me that it seems that Gwen is one of those kids who wants to feed herself, AKA stubborn! No surprise there. Gwen has started to allow me to feed her with the spoon, sometimes she 'helps' and sometimes, ok occasionally she feeds herself with the spoon. But she is allowed to have table food now, severally mushed table food, but table food nonetheless. So, here's hoping that will make life easier with the food situation.
New vital stats:
Weight: 20lbs (50-75%)
Height: 27.5in (25-50%)
She has gained 2.3lbs since the last visit and 1in.
Must go, Gwen has started vomiting. I'll keep you posted

Friday, April 13, 2007

Freaky Friday the 13th video post

I know it has been a while since I have posted videos, so I thought today I would go ahead and post our backlog.
Video 1:
I never realized that banisters where so exciting until Gwen started walking. Take a look!

Video 2:
This is the video that accompanies the butternut squash pictures

Video 3:
The promised sit-n-spin videos. Gwen loves to feel the wind in her hair. It is too bad she doesn't have the coordination to do this herself!

Video 4:
Another sit-n-spin video

We hope you enjoy our videos! Now it is back to work.
PS. the counter tops are installed and look great!

Another story

While they are installing the new counter tops and Gwen is sleeping I thought I would post! I have another funny story about Gwen, cause she is such a nut! Yesterday while I was getting ready to leave sweet baby Gwen was standing near the bed, it has a spot that she can use to walk across, I have found that since she is almost mobile, putting her somewhere she can stand by herself gives me enough time to put my shoes and socks on. While I was putting on my shoes and socks she noticed the remote, it was apparently a little too far for her to walk, so she decided to just fall forward. I mean it was hilarious, it was one of those moments when you could see her eyeing it up, thinking about it and make the decision, so funny! She didn't cry or complain, just was pretty excited to get the remote. I wonder what did babies do before remotes and cordless phones, what held their interest?
Another story, food related. Miss Gwen is not really into the sippy cup, drinking from a class, yes, sippy cup, no. Yesterday I put the glass down and went to get her food, turned around (I had put the glass slightly out of reach, but apparently not far enough) she grabbed it and started drinking!

Later that same day, she drank from the glass again, but got so excited, she spilled it everywhere! I don't think she yet realizes that if she turns the class over it makes her wet, actually I don't think she cares. No cause and effect reasoning for Gwen yet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Foreign objects and redecorating

Not very often do I get on this site anymore and post what happens in our daily life, but this is just something I feel the need to post immediately. I even have pictures to accompany this story. Today was exercise day, after a quick stop Gwen and I came home. Gwen was starting to get fussy, we were really out passed her usual nap time, so I hurried into the house, changed her and started feeding her. When feeding her I noticed some unusual pain, being a little slow after we switched sides and it was still painful, I thought maybe it is her tooth. So I pulled her off and this came out of her mouth!
No joke. Freaked me out, just so you can see for scale here it is next to a penny!Our quick stop was to see Eric so we could pick up some boxes so I can pack up the stuff in the lower cabinets of the kitchen. Since I had the stroller, they didn't fit in the trunk and I had to put them in the car next to Gwen. Apparently she decided that the tape looked yummy. Can I tell you how much it freaked me out to pull that out of her mouth!
These next 2 pictures of how I have done a little redecorating for Gwen. She loves walking around using the banisters, so I thought I would make a little play area for her, she spent about 30 minutes playing in here until she got wobbly and started to fall. I think every day I will spread the chairs a little wider for her she just went from one chair to the next, she had such a great time!

Did I mention she stood for 35 sec yesterday all by herself, holding a toy and balancing herself?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

9 months

Today Miss Gwen is 9 months! We are breaching the area of longer being outside in the world longer than inside my belly. Gwen is a girl on the move this month. We have ventured out of the sit Gwen down and she will stay put. Within a couple minutes, who am I kidding seconds Gwen is on her belly crawling around.She is exerting her want although she makes it seems like a need to stand up and walk around. She will still sit on the floor and play with her toys, but she does like to walk me around the house and see the things that she hasn't seen before. She often gets upset if she is crawling around and not walking. She just wants to hold onto your fingers and walk!
The baby gates are up! Now we are working on babyproofing other parts of the house, like the drawers with cords. Gwen LOVES cords. We are also putting up the straps that make sure bureaus don't fall her. Who knew she was going to love pulling open drawers. I mean we don't have any closets so the only place I have to store things is drawers. Thanks kid!
Gwen still loves to charm people. She still squeals and giggles when she sees people, but now she adds in making faces. Eric says she has the same expressions as the 3 stooges. His goal is to get a picture of each of those expressions.
Gwen loves wind! If she is upset and you blow in her face she just giggles and giggles. I think she has the potential to really love the sit-and-spin, but she just doesn't have the strength/coordination to use it. I will load the video one of these days so you can see it.Here is a preview of Gwen's expressions that Eric has captured so far. She is not upset in any of these pictures, just making faces! What a nut/ham!

All photos, taken by Eric, except that one he is in! Well the princess is awake. Time to go!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Toothbrush and visitors

I think Gwen's second tooth has popped up. I hope this means the end of the pain associated wit the tooth, I could use a less clingy baby! Today I was brushing my teeth and she also wanted to brush her teeth. I don't know how good of a job she did because it looks like she just wants to eat the brush, but at least I was able to brush my teeth and she wasn't crying!

Today we had a visit from Brooke and Eric, the godfather, and birthday buddy. They are looking for housing in Frederick. YEA! Gwen was fascinated with Brooke, she especially liked her shoes, she talked to Brooke and smiled at her and touched her shoes...they had pink elephants!
She was also less skeptical of Eric this visit. He could not believe the change in Gwen. He last visited in Feb. She was very charming and cute she even did all her 'tricks'.
I forgot to mention some things in yesterday's Easter post. I had been talking about doing the White House Easter Roll. I asked one of my girlfriends, who lives in VA if she wanted to go. She got back to me last week and said she would be in town and she would love to go. She has kids that would actually be age appropriate for this event. We spoke on Friday and I decided Gwen and I would not go. I found out that people camped out for this event to pick up the tickets on Sat morning, its a first come first served thing and it was going to be very cold and possibly snow (which according to my Uncle it did snow in VA, but we didn't have any!). We were going to meet about 5am Saturday morning, when I thought I could take the metro and go, no problem, but when I found out the metro didn't run and I was going to have to drive in DC that cemented the deal for me (and Eric). This morning when I realized how cold it was I was very glad of the decision I made. Gwen is too young to enjoy the event and it was cold!
I do also want to mention that Gwen did get an Easter basket. We didn't get her a whole lot because I had been planning on doing the Roll, but she got some stuff she seems to enjoy chewing on, so she must love it, right! We got her a little spade and hoe for the garden, in cute bright colors, so she can help me garden, a little book about Peter Rabbit, the bunny ears and something else I can't remember. She received more books and bunnies/ducks from Grandmas and great great Aunt, so I didn't get her that stuff. But, I thought I should mention the Easter basket, so you would know!