Thursday, March 29, 2007

I like pears, and other things-updated

I thought you would like to see what Gwen did after she pulled out all the books. I don't really know if she had something specific she was trying to look at, or if she was just trying to get everything out!

Here are some more videos. Gwen likes pears, it is the only food I can get her to eat, with the spoon. During this first video I started to feed her, realized I left my water on the counter, went back to get it and this is what I found! This proves that Gwen is a mimic...someone in this house drinks the milk from their cereal bowl...I am not going to mention any names. :)

I originally put the following video with the last descriptor, but I have fixed, I had forgotten I hadn't uploaded the pear video, where is my head! I also thought you would like to see a video of Gwen eating all by herself. I have been giving her the graduates, I am still nervous that she doesn't know how to chew, so I don't want to give her cherios yet, but she is getting real good at her pincher grasp!

The next video is Gwen and her dog. Possibly the closest thing she will get to having a dog!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The day after the first day of spring

i.e Friday was video day
What is this Mommy?

The drawer!

These last 2 videos are for my Mom, well not just for my Mom, I just think she will appreciate that I get what I deserve, a child who feels the need to pull every toy/book out of its organized place. Why she feels the need to do this I don't know, but whenever I have something in a container she feels STRONGLY that it must be removed. It becomes a fun game, I put stuff 'away' Gwen takes it back out. FUN!

No more books

First day of spring and other things

The first day of spring has come and to celebrate Gwen and I went outside and played on the deck. It was very windy, but Gwen enjoys the wind. She likes to feel the wind blowing through her hair! Anyhoo, I have been trying to get a picture of her tooth for ya'all, as you can see, she is not cooperating!
I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but when I blow it up on my computer (full screen size) you can see the tooth.
I have a special story for Ellen H, this story of itself (if you know Ellen H) won't seem like something to remind you of her, but I can just hear her saying, "Melanie, you never change" and then giving me a hug, 'cause it is comforting that I don't! So, I went to the store to get Gwen an Easter dress, I was conflicted about the Easter dress because I don't usually take the tyke to Church (so I can not be distracted), so why waste lots of money for something she won't wear or will only wear once. But then I decided, it is her first Easter so I will get her an Easter dress, so I went to the store to buy said Easter dress and I could not do it! To froufrou and I can't handle the big fake flower, I mean if it looked like a real flower, or maybe was in proportion to the dress, I mean really people, I will dress my child in pink, because she is a girl after all, but a big tacky flower, is something I can't get behind (and neither could Eric, BTW, I brought him with me later and he agreed, they were bad dresses, big tacky flowers!) So this weekend we went to the store and picked out Gwen what I think is a lovely dress, now if I could just find a Easter bonnet and gloves, she'll be all set!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Housekeeping, again.

So, I've been going through some pictures of Gwen and I realized that we have pictures that never made it to the web. So, here are those pictures. Enjoy!

I've been getting organized to get more things in Gwen's baby book and to get started on Gwen's scrapbook. (that's when I found these pictures). I also have realized that as a Gwen gets older she gets the funnier she gets. I think I have a funny story every evening for Eric when he gets home. Why, do you ask, do I not post these to the web? Mostly, because at this second, I can't remember anything to write. But, she certainly keeps me laughing everyday. Today she was so cute. Maybe I'll have time to share a story later!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our nation's capital

Saturdays Eric has class in DC, I have been promising Gwen and I would meet him down there so we decided this past Saturday to visit him. Man, it was kind of cold, but we had a nice time. Gwen, riding the Metro for the first time! She of course flirted with some boys that her father would not have approved of!
Eric, Gwen & the Smithsonian castle. We actually went into the Smithsonian castle, I don't ever recall being in the castle before, we had a nice lunch look around for a couple minutes, I got some useless facts and we left.
I think the following are self-explainatory.

I have made it down to the cherry blossom festival for the last two years, but something tells me that this year I won't make it, so we took this picture.
This is at the Air & Space museum, Gwen wanted everyone to know she only weighs 3lbs on the moon!
Another random picture, but what the heck, it was warm in the museum, it was cold outside!

Monday, March 19, 2007

2 things...

Even though I am no longer really employed as a scientist, I can't let go. Today I tried a little experiment on our little Gwen. I want to get down to what her problem is with eating. Today, I got myself an apple (peeled, cored and sliced), Gwen some home made applesauce, and the experiment commenced. I gave Gwen some applesauce with the spoon, she took it. Made some faces, but ate it. I tried to give Gwen a second spoonful, had to sneak it in, I tried again, same thing. So I gave her a piece of my sliced apple. She picked it up, put it in her hand and started licking it and eventually started gnawing on it until she bit off a piece (a mighty big piece for a little tyke without a full mouth of teeth). So then I feed her off the spoon with a piece of the apple and she took it. Ok, so it seems she just wants what we eat and not that boiled/baked down food, raw food she can put in her mouth and chew. UGH! I think she just likes 2 things, either feeding herself or me feeding her without using a spoon. She is pretty funny with the graduates, they get stuck in her hand and she can't get it out of her hand. So, I don't really know what I am going to do, I suspect I should keep her eating until she gets enough teeth to chew, but I would like to give her variety, and I don't think I can do that with foods she can feed herself.
The second thing that I would like to mention is that I am pretty sure that Gwen knows that I am Mama & Eric is Dada. This afternoon when Gwen woke up from her nap she started saying Mama, Mama, Mama, when I didn't just jump up and get her she started saying Dada, Dada, Dada. Eric said when I left her alone with him while I was Church she didn't say Mama until I came home. I don't know if I am ready for her to start talking for real, that just means she is going to be able to learn sarcasm and back talk and yelling.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stevie Wonder

Here is a picture of Gwen doing her latest get attention trick. (as you saw in the beach video, when people walk by and they don't look at her she sometimes cries!) The little pistol is getting more and more crazy everyday, but she keeps me on my toes. One of my favorite memories, which sadly, I haven't mentioned here yet, is of Gwen when we were on the airplane. We were sitting next to a very nice mother of a daughter who is 18, she wanted to name her daughter Gwen, but her husband didn't like it. We were chatting about whether or not Gwen had started talking, I think it is too early for her to be talking, but she certainly does sound like she is saying Momma, anyways, I digress. I said she definitely has personality and told her I think she knows her name, but refuses to admit it. So, the woman said, "Gwen", Gwen turned to her and quickly looked away. The woman and I both laughed, it seems she does know her name. Pistol!

New rug

Here are some videos of Gwen on our new rug, with her version of crawling. Will she ever learn to crawl in the correct manner so I can put it in her baby book?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Eating: it's not for me!

Since I have been back from FL, I have tried in earnest to get Gwen to eat. The response I get can be seen in the following video.

I think this is above and beyond the 'normal' baby doesn't want to eat. She genuinely does not like the spoon. I take that back, she likes the spoon, but only as a play toy. Don't think that I haven't tried to sneak food on to the spoon and then let her play with it, she is smarter than that, she deftly removes 'nasty' food with her finger from the spoon and puts the spoon into her mouth. Yesterday I felt pretty terrible, because the only way I could get her to eat is if I pushed her cheeks together and so she would open her mouth so I could get the spoon in so she could at least try the foods! Today we tried 'finger foods' and although according to the box she is not 'ready' for them, since she doesn't crawl on her hands and knees with her belly off the ground, we tried them with my supervision. At one point she did actually put one of the finger foods to her mouth, I think she even licked it, she just never released the food. Today I also waited my lunch so we could 'eat' together, but still no go. I could sneak the 'finger foods' into her mouth, but she just doesn't seem interested. If anyone has any advice, for us on this next hurdle of parenthood, please let me know.

Hanging out with Daddy

So, now that I have figured out to post videos here, I will leave the video link up so you can still view your favorites there, but at least now I won't have to remember to remind you that I posted a video.
We haven't taken many pictures since we have been home, but I have taken lots of video. So stay tuned for that.

The beach: a video of dirt


Don't worry this post is not about cleaning and housekeeping, it is about the stuff I didn't get to post before I came home. Yes, we made it home safe and sound. Gwen, was so exhausted she fell asleep, she has a new obsession with water bottles and before I opened the car door she had her arm curled around the bottle and her head as close to touching it as possible.
Here are some pictures of Aiden and Gwen with their Grandmas. Aiden was not so happy, but this is their second meeting and both were overtired and cranky. Doesn't speak well for their future happiness, but maybe we can overlook it.

I have received a couple of comments about Gwen keeping on her sunglasses. Gwen does not mind her sunglasses it is the hat she does not like! As you can see from this series.

Well, here in MD we have a winter snow , it has been sleeting and snowing all morning. It looks like from the weather map that the 'wintry mix' really only effects Frederick and above, great!
Stay tuned for eating:it's not for me!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Beach

Today before we left for MD, Mom, Gwen and I went to the beach. Gwen apparently wanted to go home and take a nap, but we got some good pictures and a video I will upload when we get home. I think as everything else, she is indifferent to the sand, she did like to feel it between her fingers, but she wanted nothing to do with the water. I can't say that I blame her, it was darn cold for that.
Here she is ready to go!
That stinker figured out how to pull the canopy down on the borrowed car seat so she could see me when we were driving to the beach. (You see that she is holding on to it so I can't put it back up either!)
Finally, at the beach.
Lots of people and sand! Cool!

It appears that she also knows how to drink from a water bottle.

No Mommy, I don't want to get into the water.
Definitely time for my nap!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bushnell: the meeting of the last birthday buddy

Yesterday we drove up to Bushnell, FL. Not a bad drive really, but a long drive with Gwen, nonetheless. On the way to Bushnell, she was fine for the first 2 hours, the last 30 minutes, were quite tough! Gwen was finally able to meet cousin Jan, the last of the four birthday buddies. She also met cousin Jim (husband), Great Great Aunt Norma and Aunt Norma's sister Nelda. Gwen was in rare form and refused to take a nap. She was very charming, it seems her attitude towards people improves everyday of this trip. She played on the floor and became VERY excited over the cats and dog. One day I will have to try and get the squeals of joy on tape.
Cousin Jan and Nelda in the background.
Uh oh, Jan tried to pick up Gwen to get pictures, and Gwen realizes I am behind the camera, Grandma is standing next to me, so who is holding me?

Jim kept trying to hold her, he thought he could use the dog, who he is pointing to in this picture as a way to get Gwen to be okay with him holding her.
I don't think it worked!
So, today we are back in FMY, Mom went to work and I think we have more visitors stopping by today. Gwen, is napping now, and I am going to have lunch, probably outside! Have a great day.

Kaelyn & Gwen

On Saturday we had several visitors. Some were lucky and we were able to snap some pictures with Gwen, some were not so lucky. We enjoyed all our visitors and we are sorry not everyone gets to be featured in this blog.
We did get some pictures of Gwen and Kaelyn, but mostly because they sat next to each other and Gwen didn't have to be in anybody's lap.

Playing together.
What's going on over there? What is crazy Grandma doing?
Goodbye Gwen! See you next time.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

8 months

Yesterday Gwen turned 8 months. Can you believe it? Sometimes it is hard to believe she is that old. We still haven't made much more progress with crawling. I am beginning to suspect she will never actually crawl on her hands and knees like most babies. She can get on her hands and knees, she just doesn't move like you would when you crawl. She powers forward with her arms or does the inchworm flop. She definitely gets where she wants to go, so why crawl like you are supposed to, oh well.
Gwen has turned into a real Mommy's girl. At home I never really noticed, but this has become very obvious this trip. She is not a go to strangers baby at this point, well technically she won't go to my Mom, who she has seen numerous times. She will let go of me for a while and play, but I need to stay in the room, I have noticed this at home when Eric isn't home, she hates when I leave the room for a minute, just cries and cries and cries. Hopefully this separation anxiety won't last forever, I would like to go to refill my water or whatever without having to listen to screams!
Gwen still is not eating solid foods, she just clamps her mouth shut and wants nothing to do with them. I am hoping once she gets teeth that will change, but sometimes I wonder if she will ever stop nursing! But, then I realize the sweet baby cuddling will end with the nursing, so maybe I don't want it to be over so soon!
Now, from all I have said so far you would think is a terrible baby. She's not, she's just stubborn and knows what she wants. She is still giggly and cute and cuddly and I could go on gushing about her sweetness. She is generally a very happy baby and quite the chatterbox. She is often cooing and chatting away, I sometimes wonder if Eric & I will ever need to talk once she learns how. Hard to believe how far she has come in the last 8 months, who knows what the next month will bring!

Friday, March 09, 2007

We're here

We have arrived safely in sunny FL! And, sunny it is! And to think 2 days ago I was shoveling snow. Ah, so nice to be home, I mean in FL. Gwen is a little out of sorts, we are not currently sure what is going on, we suspect dehydration, but suffice it to say, I am happy she is currently sleeping. She could also be very tired, she slept very little yesterday. She just is very clingy, if I am in the room, I have to be right next to her. No fun for me or Grandma. This is not to say she cries with Grandma, all the time, Mom got up with Gwen this morning and she was fine, until I woke up and she saw me. But, I didn't start this post to complain about fussy babies, I started it to post some pictures for Daddy. I know he misses us! So, here are some pictures from yesterday and 1 from today. The pictures from yesterday prove yet again, that she is my daughter. Do you see how much she loves this alligator, definitely a FL girl at heart/Grandpa's little girl! She also liked the tiger, but I didn't have the camera out for those pictures.

We went for a walk this morning. I told Mom I wanted to put Gwen down at around 10:30, so we went for a walk first, this shot was taken at 10:35, you can see we are very tired! (and that we are learning how to pull off our socks!)