Friday, March 16, 2007


Don't worry this post is not about cleaning and housekeeping, it is about the stuff I didn't get to post before I came home. Yes, we made it home safe and sound. Gwen, was so exhausted she fell asleep, she has a new obsession with water bottles and before I opened the car door she had her arm curled around the bottle and her head as close to touching it as possible.
Here are some pictures of Aiden and Gwen with their Grandmas. Aiden was not so happy, but this is their second meeting and both were overtired and cranky. Doesn't speak well for their future happiness, but maybe we can overlook it.

I have received a couple of comments about Gwen keeping on her sunglasses. Gwen does not mind her sunglasses it is the hat she does not like! As you can see from this series.

Well, here in MD we have a winter snow , it has been sleeting and snowing all morning. It looks like from the weather map that the 'wintry mix' really only effects Frederick and above, great!
Stay tuned for eating:it's not for me!

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