Monday, March 05, 2007

Finally, pictures

I know that ya'all have been anxiously awaiting pictures of our sweet girl. So, without further ado! Gwen in her gnome sweater and stylish jeans, before we went outside.
If you look at the jailbreak video, this is the picture that immediately follows the video, as you can see she fell on the pillow and was still reaching for the camera. Reaching for the camera is her latest thing. I have many pictures of her grabbing at the camera, I just haven't posted them all.
Another try at eating avocado. We also have a video of this that as I type this is trying to upload. I tried to sneak food onto the spoon and see what she would do if she accidentally fed herself, but she realized my ploy as you will see in the video.
Gwen in her first pair of sunglasses. She is so crazy! I don't know if she fully understands waving at people, but as we were grocery shopping today, I was busy picking out some cheese and I heard this man say 'that baby is waving at me.' I looked at Gwen and she showed no signs of waving, had I asked her to wave she wouldn't do it. She is so stubborn! I hope to remember to put that in her baby book! This makes me wonder, does she do baby signs to other people, but they just don't realize it?
I have another video to upload, the shortest of the 3 that I am uploading today of Gwen playing peekaboo. I actually got on tape the first time she lifted the blanket up to her head to play. She thinks this is the best thing ever. I don't actually have to be in front of her, if she has a blanket she will lower and raise it expecting you to say peekaboo and then she laughs and smiles. Peekaboo is a surefire way to make Gwen smile when she is upset.
I realize that I haven't taken many pictures of Gwen recently. I have been very busy and tired and I guess not really in the mood to take pictures. So, enjoy these, we might have more in the next couple of days, you never know around here!

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