Thursday, March 29, 2007

I like pears, and other things-updated

I thought you would like to see what Gwen did after she pulled out all the books. I don't really know if she had something specific she was trying to look at, or if she was just trying to get everything out!

Here are some more videos. Gwen likes pears, it is the only food I can get her to eat, with the spoon. During this first video I started to feed her, realized I left my water on the counter, went back to get it and this is what I found! This proves that Gwen is a mimic...someone in this house drinks the milk from their cereal bowl...I am not going to mention any names. :)

I originally put the following video with the last descriptor, but I have fixed, I had forgotten I hadn't uploaded the pear video, where is my head! I also thought you would like to see a video of Gwen eating all by herself. I have been giving her the graduates, I am still nervous that she doesn't know how to chew, so I don't want to give her cherios yet, but she is getting real good at her pincher grasp!

The next video is Gwen and her dog. Possibly the closest thing she will get to having a dog!

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