Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of First Grade! and meet the teacher for 2!

Oh my, I have 2 children starting school, one started today, the other cried in his room wanting to know why he couldn't start today! (he starts next week!) Yesterday evening we had "Meet the Teacher". We already know Nate's teacher, she was Gwen's first teacher, so Nate is entirely comfortable there. He didn't know the assistant, but I don't think he really cared, he just jumped right in. We also met Gwen's teacher and assistant. Gwen's teacher is new to the school and we met her the night before at the "ice cream social" for new families. I was fairly impressed, since she remembered Gwen's name. Gwen said she only confused 2 of the boys today, still fairly impressed. Gwen's class is small, only 17 kids, and she has 2 new kids to the school in her class. She is enjoying class so far, and already came home with homework! The nice thing about 1st grade homework is apparently she has the whole week to work on it, and since they started on a Wed, she apparently has until next Friday to finish. The nice thing is we don't have anything to do in the evenings/afternoons, except pace with Rachel, so homework can easily be done while I pace. Which will likely be nice for Gwen, I won't be breathing down her neck while she's trying to do homework, just checking as I pass by. Here is another slideshow from yesterday and today. I swear I will post pictures again on here, but only if I don't have more than say 5 pictures, gotta keep the amount of uploading to a minimum!

Miss Rachel

I haven't decided what to do about the blog, but I have deleted some photos, which I don't think will be a problem, but I realized I have some pictures to post, so here we go!  Pictures of Rachel.  Mostly sleeping, some awake.  She's a great sleeper at night, but sadly she seems to need to scream to fall asleep. And she doesn't really like it when I stop walking during the day, which makes me tired, because she is heavy.  I have perfected the use of the sling and I've tried to rock her after she's fallen to sleep, but the dang kid still wakes up!  I am looking forward to having the mornings free, with just Rachel to work on some of this sleeping thing, she'll be 2 months in a couple days, which means in at least a month or 2 she should be more receptive to a schedule. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

The baby years

There are certain things you forget about newborns and how it all works when you go years between a baby. I don't recall forgetting anything between Gwen & Nate, but between Nate and Rachel, there is a world of difference in what I remember. So as not to forget the things I love about newborns here we go:
  • Sighs, babies sigh all the time, and it is hilarious to me, because really what is so taxing in your life, little one that you must sigh?  I don't know but I love it.
  • The "drunken" baby syndrome after they drink the milk-the bobbling head, the unfocused eyes, love it!
  • The shocked expression every time I go to burp her, she even looks kind of shocked when she burps, don't even get me started on how funny they look when they poop!
  • The flailing arms and bouncing checks when I burp her, love it. 
  • The sad expression of the "fake" cry.  Not the colicky cry, the why aren't you getting my needs met faster cry!  
I won't go into the things I don't like about newborns!

And now we come to the worst thing, I have exceeded the storage limit of my google account!  So I can no longer upload pictures without paying a storage fee.  Which we all know I can't do.  So, I am going to have to consider what to do.  I think my 2 options are to buy storage or open another google account and start a new blog.  I am thinking I will likely start a new google account...I'll let you know.  Although if I did slideshows and videos from other sites, I could get around this, so I guess I will have to consider and get back to you!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I've been really busy lately, newborn + starting of school + renter leaving = very busy!  Sorry about the blog not being updated regularly.  Today, I am going to post a blast from the recent past, Rachel's first bath.  The poor kid, wasn't particularly fond of the bath, and really still isn't, but mostly because I really can't get the temperature right, or maybe because she is like, why aren't you feeding me ten minutes ago!
The kid is 6 weeks now, and I think that we are getting the hang of her. I mean we can now mostly get her to sleep without crying and she will fall asleep, only at night. We've learned that even though she is awake and alert she still needs TONS of sleep during the day. I spend most of my day making sure she hasn't been awake for more than a half an hour or so, if she has I start trying to get her to sleep. Because, if she is awake more than that it is impossible to get her to sleep and stay asleep. She is a fabulous night sleeper, for 6 weeks and I couldn't be happier about that. I still wish she could sleep during the day, not on top of me or in the sling. I only hope all this walking around with the almost 12 pound baby is helping get off the baby weight! I am pleased that she no longer cries all day, that she is calming down and is starting to smile. Hopefully things will continue to get calmer around here, especially as I get all this school stuff taken care of.