Friday, April 27, 2012

Anna and the egg hunt

On Holy Saturday, we didn't have much to do, so we decided to take the kids to build-a-bear and make a bear for the new baby.  We have made "bears" (Nate's is a turtle) for each of the kids with their in utero heartbeat in the bear.  Since we already have the name picked out and know it is a girl, we figured it didn't really matter when we did it.  So we did it early. 
Here they are kissing the hearts to put in the bear.  The lady actually let Gwen stuff the bear, but apparently I didn't get a picture of that! 
Here they are fluffing up "Anna" as Gwen has dubbed her.
They really enjoyed this, I think they would have stood their all day. 
We spent the next hour, or so it felt, trying to decide on accessories and outfits for Anna.  Have I mentioned that Gwen really enjoys accessorizing!?  We finally got everything done and had heard they had an egg hunt.  We had gone to Eric's work for an Egg hunt, but sadly we got there late and missed the whole thing, the kids where greatly disappointed, so we decided to do the one at the Mall.  They had scavenger type thing where they had clues and then you had to guess.  Some of the clues were to advanced for the kids, but this one was easy to figure, we asked the kids which store had a blue butterfly and Nate got into a pointer pose and Eric and I about fell on the floor!  It was so funny, of course when I went to get a picture Gwen had to do the same because Nate was getting the attention! 
There was a lull, and by lull I mean that the kids where losing steam, so we took a candy break! 
There where 12 or so store participating, most gave candy, but some, fortunately gave bubbles or stickers.  Thank goodness!  Needless to say, the kids really enjoyed the day and where pooped!  A good day before Easter for them, to be sure! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

At the Church we sponsored a Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  Unfortunately, it was raining outside, so we had to do the whole thing inside.  I don't think the kids cared, they still got to "hunt" for eggs and got plenty of candy.

This is for the under 3 set, but the over 3 set of eggs weren't much harder to find. 
Let the rush begin!
Going through the stash! 

Monday, April 09, 2012

"New" car

As a part of preparing for baby, we determined we likely needed a new car, I had sedan and it had bucket seats in the back. So while we could find cheap and slim booster seats to fit in the back, I didn't think it was the safest route to go. For weeks we went looking for cars on Saturdays, the family was not pleased. They were tired of looking at vans and we really couldn't find a used van that was priced right, so we changed plans and decided to look at SUVs.  We found one that weekend and through skillful negotiation we purchased a used SUV. So, since we occasionally pick people up from the airport, I thought it would be helpful if we posted some pictures, so they would know what car to look for. 
front view!
the view you'd see at the airport.  ;)
I adore the new car, I thought I would miss the Sedan, especially since this is my first automatic car.  But I don't miss it at all.  I have only tried to take the keys out of the car once without putting it in park, and I hardly ever reach for the shifter, trying to shift into a different gear, I haven't tried to use the clutch.  We spent this weekend programing in the garage door code, fun stuff.  Very convenient!  Today my love for the vehicle was confirmed when Gwen was determined to go on a bike ride, but our neighborhood was quite hilly and curvy and Nate said didn't want to go.  So, I asked if they wanted to drive over to the American Tobacco Trail for a walk/bike ride.  
The kids had a great time, I had a great walk, but couldn't really keep up with them.  Nate kept asking if "Mrs. Olarte was going to meet us" because he knows this is where I exercise with my friend in the morning.
We went up to Suton Station where they played for a little while and then we went on back home.  If only I was still capable of running, it would have been a good training run for me! 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Today we started out pretty early, Gwen woke up early to potty and found some eggs, we tried to get them to go back to sleep but we realized it wasn't going to happen. We started the egg hunt at about 6:30am. The kids really enjoyed hunting for eggs, I took a video of the craziness.  Nate insisted on wearing his shoes and socks.  I think they were both still asleep.
Since we started the egg hunt so early, we were ready in plenty of time for Church.  We got our normal seats, the kids were really good, we let them have 1 piece of candy before we left for Church and then we let them pick out candy to take to Church, Gwen put an egg in her purse filled with candy and Nate brought some Peeps, which he left in the car.
Gwen asked if we could decorate Easter Eggs, which we didn't get to yesterday.  So today we did that after lunch.  The kids seemed to enjoy the day.  I think they hid and found eggs several times today.  Here's a slideshow from today.  
Thanks to Grandmom for the candy and the Easter clothes!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

In honor

Today my friend had her baby, so I suppose today is a good day to post pictures from her shower.  I made her present.  My first complete set of bonnet and booties.  

We had a nice time at the shower.  It was nice to see my oldest friend and her family.  Gwen stayed at the shower with me and disappeared with the other little girls.  Eric and Nate hung out around town. 
This is the first time we've been pregnant together, so it has been nice to chat with her over the pregnancy woes.  She is the first of the "pack" of friends that I have that has gone in to labor, now starts baby season for us.  I have 2 more friends before me and then at least 1 after.  Still a couple months to go!  Congrats Jess on your beautiful tiny baby!  I hope we can meet her soon!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


To continue the backlog of pictures here we have Gwen's next school project, making an animal/creature to be 3D out of simple 3D shapes so the kids could learn about 3D.  I decided not to go to the store and buy stuff, so I gathered some objects and Gwen and I went to work!  I had to help her cut out the fabric, it was a little to strong, but she glued it and did everything else. 
Ella the elephant
We used a yarn ball, water bottle, toilet paper rolls string and a cord hider thingy.  Gwen and I got it most of the way done over a couple days.  But it was a little top heavy and we hadn't attached tusks or a tail, so I tasked Eric to help her finish.  I think I turned out pretty well!  They glued it onto some cardboard and now it stands up!
Gwen sometimes chooses to do her own hair for school.  It cracks me up because she uses about 5 bows or something like that.  I thought Mom would appreciate this picture, especially if you've seen the picture of me from preschool, where I did my own hair! 
I do my own hair!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


A couple weeks ago we took the Sibling Tour at the hospital.  The kids really enjoyed themselves, asked a bunch of questions.  Gwen proudly told us in the car that she asked a question she already knew the answer to.  Seriously, our kids were the only ones raising their hands and participating.  Hilarious, but yet a little embarrassing.  
Getting ready for the tour
Gwen started out the questions by asking "if the baby grew upside down" (which is the question she already knew the answer to.)  Nate spent his time slapping the baby's head and shaking the baby.  Needless to say we have to watch that boy carefully around the baby.  They also mentioned that they climb into the crib at night.  The ladies running the tour were a little shocked and told them they shouldn't climb into the crib after the baby comes.  Good times!
Somehow I don't think he is going to make it as a Dr...

After the questions and reading a book we went upstairs to do the tour.  We saw where I would deliver and I can say I am going to miss my old hospital! The other hospital was so much bigger and hid all the hospital type things.  Eric keeps telling me, but they had a window, sure but looking at the the roof and air conditioning units.  Bonus though, jacuzzi tubs in most of the rooms!  We didn't get to see the "after" room because the hospital was full. 
I know that the last hospital's tour included crafts and pictures of the kids to put in the bassinet, so I was a little disappointed.  But, the kids enjoyed it, so I guess it was worth it.