Monday, April 09, 2012

"New" car

As a part of preparing for baby, we determined we likely needed a new car, I had sedan and it had bucket seats in the back. So while we could find cheap and slim booster seats to fit in the back, I didn't think it was the safest route to go. For weeks we went looking for cars on Saturdays, the family was not pleased. They were tired of looking at vans and we really couldn't find a used van that was priced right, so we changed plans and decided to look at SUVs.  We found one that weekend and through skillful negotiation we purchased a used SUV. So, since we occasionally pick people up from the airport, I thought it would be helpful if we posted some pictures, so they would know what car to look for. 
front view!
the view you'd see at the airport.  ;)
I adore the new car, I thought I would miss the Sedan, especially since this is my first automatic car.  But I don't miss it at all.  I have only tried to take the keys out of the car once without putting it in park, and I hardly ever reach for the shifter, trying to shift into a different gear, I haven't tried to use the clutch.  We spent this weekend programing in the garage door code, fun stuff.  Very convenient!  Today my love for the vehicle was confirmed when Gwen was determined to go on a bike ride, but our neighborhood was quite hilly and curvy and Nate said didn't want to go.  So, I asked if they wanted to drive over to the American Tobacco Trail for a walk/bike ride.  
The kids had a great time, I had a great walk, but couldn't really keep up with them.  Nate kept asking if "Mrs. Olarte was going to meet us" because he knows this is where I exercise with my friend in the morning.
We went up to Suton Station where they played for a little while and then we went on back home.  If only I was still capable of running, it would have been a good training run for me! 

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Glad that you got it finally! :) Congratulations!