Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas was a success. As you can tell, Gwen seemed to enjoy opening presents. Oh, look it makes noise, perfect.
All done. Gwen liked the paper very is her favorite color, at this point.
These are from our 'first Christmas' before we left MD and I hadn't posted them yet.
Every child should have a picture where their mean Daddy put a bow on their head, yes?
Wow! It is glittery and the pieces move.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, almost thought I would post some more pictures in case any happens on the computer tonight or tomorrow. Will probably post more pictures tomorrow, but we'll see. We have missed pictures of the old neighbors who we saw today and the Fitzs, who we saw yesterday. I guess I am not as much of a picture taker as I should be. Sorry! Oh, and in case you are curious, our friends who have been 'patiently' waiting for the birth of their first daughter have posted pictures of their beautiful little girl see Riley Anne's pictures in the link section to get to her website.
Here is a picture of Gwen and Great Grandpa one morning before the others got up. Gwen playing with her toys the other day.
Grandma & Gwen waiting patiently for the car seat to be put into the new car!

Gwen and Miss Jessica, Angela (who wouldn't get into any pictures...HA! we got your picture!) and Sean, only Christopher is missing.
Gwen telling us all about Christmas.
Gwen is getting to know Jess, if you look carefully you can see the elusive Christopher and Angela in the background. 9 & 4 my how time flies!
Gwen, before going to bed tonight, with dreams of sugar plums dancing in her head. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Good night!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kaelyn Marie

and Laura, and Brandy and Bryan came over today on their way to Grandma's. I think we all had a good time. Kaelyn also enjoyed some of the new found bubbles, a little too much (but we won't go into that here).
I am not so sure Gwen and Kaelyn really wanted to share Laura's lap.
After MANY pictures, I think we finally got a good one!
And, we learned to play together. YAY! Kaelyn might except Mom holding her cousin, we'll see!
Sadly it was time for them to go, hugs and kisses!
Ok, so Gwen doesn't really have the hang of that yet, but she really liked Kaelyn's shirt (and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth!) Nice hugs
Grandma Kathy needs a hug. Bye-bye!


Today we went through my Dad's stuff. I can honestly say my pack rat tendencies come from my Dad. I had no idea, but I knew that my Mom isn't a pack rat, she saves stuff, but not at a pack rat status. In the process we found some bubbles from someones wedding, you never know when you are going to need those! So, Gwen got her first introduction to bubbles today. I think she enjoyed it, what do you think?

Godmother visit

I think you can always tell a grandparent, even a brand new grandparent. They don't expect you to offer them the baby they just put out their hands, which is fine with me! So, if you are the mother of the godmother, does that make you a god-grandmother? Just food for thought. Yesterday, we had a nice visit with Kiki and Mrs. Trelles...Cecile. Eventually Kiki even got to hold Gwen. Kiki didn't say anything, but I am pretty sure she agrees that Gwen is a prodigy as far as physical milestones are concerned. Gwen was a good girl she smiled and giggled and played with her toys.

Gwen loves her red teether, I don't think she is teething yet, but each side has a different texture and she likes to chew on it. We had to give her that because she was rather distracted by the red Christmas wrapping paper and boxes.

Bath time

Ok, so I have downloaded pictures today...36 to be exact from Tuesday through today. So it might take some time to get all the pictures and blog entries. Our first entry will be about bath time. I have to say bath time in FL is way more fun than it is in MD. Emily has lent us her duck for bath time, and I have to say we really like it! Thanks Emily (and Anne).

Gwen enjoyed the bath-tub more tonight, not that we didn't enjoy it before. We sat up and used the edges for balance, all by herself!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hello from FL!

We made it to FL, without incident. Baby Gwen was good on the plane as usual. She was just a little fussy all day because we got up so early to make the plane. We flew out of National, which was very nice, we could see the monuments!
Here are some pictures of one of Gwen's first sit-up baths.
Uh-oh here come those nasty vitamins! Icky Mommy!
Look at my rubber duckies! They are cool and fun to hold.

No pictures yet from FL. Hopefully we will get on that soon.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


So we started solid foods yesterday, well solid as in rice cereal, I think really considered slop. Here are some pictures you might enjoy. Gwen doesn't really seem interested in the eating, even though she is showing all the signs. I don't know if it is because she doesn't actually like the cereal or if the texture is not what she likes. No rush though, it is not like she is eating the food to get all her nutrients.
Here we go! First bite coming Gwen's way!
Yummy? (Gwen kept trying to eat her bib, so I had to hold it down to put the spoon in her mouth.)
Um, not fond of that.
Ok Gwen, this is how you eat the food you don't thrust out your tongue, do you understand?
Not sure I like this.
DAD, help me! What is she doing to me?
Gulp. Dad?
Dad gives this feeding thing a try.
Here are some close-up I hate this faces.

YEAH! All done! Thank goodness. Now is it time for my bath?