Thursday, December 21, 2006

Godmother visit

I think you can always tell a grandparent, even a brand new grandparent. They don't expect you to offer them the baby they just put out their hands, which is fine with me! So, if you are the mother of the godmother, does that make you a god-grandmother? Just food for thought. Yesterday, we had a nice visit with Kiki and Mrs. Trelles...Cecile. Eventually Kiki even got to hold Gwen. Kiki didn't say anything, but I am pretty sure she agrees that Gwen is a prodigy as far as physical milestones are concerned. Gwen was a good girl she smiled and giggled and played with her toys.

Gwen loves her red teether, I don't think she is teething yet, but each side has a different texture and she likes to chew on it. We had to give her that because she was rather distracted by the red Christmas wrapping paper and boxes.

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