Thursday, December 07, 2006


Many of you may wonder why I have not written on this in over a week. Friday we heard that my Grandpa that Gwen and I visited in Oct passed away. Sat one of my cousin's husbands passed away. Gwen, Mom & I headed up to WI on Monday, Grandpa's funeral was on Tues. While it was nice that everyone finally got to meet Gwen, not under the best circumstances. We returned yesterday. Frankly, I haven't really wanted to post anything, but I do have some pictures, so I thought I better. Just because I haven't felt like posting, doesn't mean you should have to suffer and not see any pictures of our charmer.

This picture was taken before we left on Sun. I thought it was so funny, she just sat like that and wouldn't move, she seemed content.

This picture was taken after Grandpa's funeral. Gwen was not kept to her schedule so she conked out, I kept telling everyone it was a Christmas miracle, because she does not like to sleep for that long (during the day). I had wanted to get pictures with her and the family members she met this trip, but she slept through the whole reception and even though cousin Jeffy wanted to wake her up, I wouldn't let him (or any of the mischevious uncles.)
This was at my cousin's visitation. Roy and Isabelle, my cousins 2 kids, are the older kids in this picture. Natalie is my cousin Sara's daughter who was born in Feb of this year. She and Gwen "played" together. Natalie kept grabbing stuff from Gwen, she is older so has that grabbing thing down, better than Gwen.

Gwen in cousin Pete's snake. She enjoyed that.

Gwen on the flight home.
This was a tough week for me. Reading Julie's posts last week were difficult, it brought me back to when I was at the hospital with Dad. With that and Grandpa's death and being away, I just wasn't in the mood. I guess the next week will be 'back to normal' and then the following week we will be in FL! Wow time flies...I guess I should start Christmas shopping, although now I am just not in the mood. I am amazed at how nice people are to a woman with a baby. I had people all over the airport asking if they could help me carry something. I even had a gentleman today help me carry a box to my car. (His wife is due in 3 months). Fortunately, it was a light box, but still, kind of him to offer and help, especially now that it is cold outside, not near as cold as WI though!

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