Friday, September 25, 2009


I thought I would be timely and post about my kids splashing in puddles. So, maybe the pictures are over a week old, but still, they love playing in the puddles. Fortunately for us, there is a spot right in front of our house that always gets puddles when it rains. As a matter of fact, earlier today there was a puddle in the front of our driveway and then by the afternoon it was gone and poor Nate still stood there and stomped like it was there. But onto last week and the puddles, Gwen pulled out her rain boots and stomped around like a pro!
Nate, our quick study.
There a few things about Nate you should know...he thinks splashing of any kind is HILARIOUS! Seriously, he thinks it is so funny he can't contain his laughter.

After we splashed here we decided to go puddle hunting and had a good time because we found huge puddles. Needless to say the kids were soaked when we got home, but a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Sunday, we decided to not to work on the yard at all, we decided to go to a free outdoor concert thing. They closed down part of the town of Carborro, a street or two. They had free stuff for the kids. Nate enjoyed the cones!
Here are Eric and Gwen in the line for the big slide...
Nate still enjoying the cone.
Here they are going up; Eric had to help Gwen.

Sadly, Nate was still playing with the cone and I missed Gwen going down the slide.
Then I had to get Gwen down and missed Eric going down the slide.
Lots of people had dogs, have I mentioned my kids like to look and sometimes touch the pets.
They also like dance to the music. (Side note since Eric let Gwen watch Sleeping Beauty, Gwen now dances holding her dress, whether she is wearing a dress or not, also she often closes her eyes like Sleeping Beauty apparently did!)
They were so exhausted, Gwen fell asleep shortly after Eric started the car, of course, we are only a couple minutes away from where the concert was, so it was really just a cat nap.
Before bed here my kids are reading a book together, aren't they cute! So sweet...
I tried to get a couple of minutes of Nate dancing...he was so funny, he heard the music and squeezed his way out of Eric's hands and started dancing, sadly my camera skills were too slow to get most of the dancing.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Candied apples

It was kind of rainy looking around here, and I thought we would like to make Caramel Apples. Seemed like a fun thing to do, plus Eric loves them! We didn't get to it last week, so I thought, maybe Sat while Eric was working out in the yard, I thought it would keep the kids out of his hair.
Here is Gwen getting the toppings together.

Sadly Eric was so excited, he wanted to help, so my plan to keep the kids out of his "hair" didn't work. :(

Here is the first apple, it looks good, yes?
Gwen trying her hand at it.
She so wants to do this...Daddy, please!
The leftovers, Gwen got to eat them, straight off the spoon, she was in heaven.
Nate, well, he actually didn't get to help but he squealed until he got to sit in the lap and enjoy the leftovers.

I went to do something after I got the kids up from naps, possibly throw away a dirty diaper, and this is the scene I found, actually, this wasn't the exact scene, but I had to get the camera, and Gwen got in on the action! Nate crawled onto the chair, by himself! He is becoming quite the little climber...
It seems I might have a worse problem with Nate trying to get at the sweets. :( But I should mention, that after I moved the apples away from the chairs more towards the center of the table, he crawled up onto the table!!!! I moved them off that then, but if you might notice, we may have overloaded the apples with caramel (or toppings) either way, the apples looked rather sad and we have to work on our technique. Which Eric doesn't mind, since he figures that means more apples for him!


This weekend was busy for us, we decided to get started working on the yard. Seemed like a good idea at the time, don't know if it was, but we decided to move this tree... Apparently the hubby is not fond of the holly trees and we decided it would be a good place for a patio, since the current patio doesn't actually fit our table and chairs, so its useless.
Friday night Eric decided to get started (did I mention Nate was having some pretty bad diaper rash so he was getting some diaper free time in the back yard...since Nate was nekked Gwen decided to join the party!) Nate likes to help, did you notice the shovel?
See, helping!
Nate, posing for a picture.
This is Saturday, mid-afternoon, the hole in the backyard had been dug, finally figured out where all the roots were and finally getting some movement! Gwen resting, she laid like that for a long time, so funny.
Eric dragging the tree with some straps.
Did mention we also moved their house to the back where we can't seem to grow grass, we are going to put a garden there and hopefully our little holly tree will grow as well as our neighbor's has.
I would be remiss to tell you that we also had to dig out a little to make the house straight. We will be doing more out back work in the next couple weeks. The neighbor has offered us 2 crepe myrtles! We are going to put at least one of them in the back. I would like to put the other in front of the white fence, by the front door, kind of to say Hello! front door! Since the front door is half way around the house. We have also ordered some bulbs. I have more to post about this weekend, but Eric needs the computer.

Friday, September 18, 2009


While Grandmom was here we asked her what she wanted to do, one of the things she said she'd like to do was go for yogurt/ice cream, she was looking for a dairy queen, I suspect, but we don't actually have one near us. We have a Rita's about 5 minutes away from us, so we took her there. It's not actually ice cream or yogurt, it is custard and italian ice, and rather yummy!!! I would highly recommend it if you have one near you. Nate would also like to recommend it as you can see.

Here is Gwen enjoying hers, she got apple gelati. It tasted just like apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top...yummy! (I got strawberry there were bits of strawberry in it!!)

I don't know that these pictures can actually show how funny and excited Nate was, I mean he was squealing and I never actually got the look that I wanted, he would eat some, and then make this face like this stuff is nasty (probably because Eric got Swedish fish flavor!) and then giggle and smile (or squeal) and start the whole process over again. So hilarious!

Grandmom's visit

As you know, Grandmom was here last week, so I have pictures to post. Sorry I haven't gotten to it sooner, but as I am finding out, the hours in the day are filled with things to do. With 2 kids, I just don't seem to have the time. I hope when we get settled in and stuff, I will be able to carve out more time to update. I have to find out a better way to budget my time. :( Nate has this new love, reading books, have I mentioned it before? Well, he likes to hand you a book and back up into your lap and then listen to you read a book, or he will point at stuff and you have to tell him it what it is. This also works with toys, like the "Speak n Say"
Gwen is playing with her new microwave and "eating" what she made...
Gwen and Nate both like to sing and are Grandmom & Gwen dancing...I know you can't tell, but trust me they are!
A theme? You can tell where Nate spent all his time, he must have thought new blood! Grandmom always obliged!
A group shot, Grandmom and grandbabies...this was her last night.