Monday, September 14, 2009


As usual, we are leading the lives of the crazy. I have started a t-shirt quilt for Eric. It is going to be different then my t-shirt quilt, Eric in his way has made this project his own, namely by picking out fabric that I wouldn't even look twice at, wouldn't even notice in the store, but then I married him and now I will obliged to see it everyday! Gwen is currently (at 9:45pm) carrying on an entire conversation with herself, Nate, sound asleep. I wish I could give you snippets of the conversation, but I would have to give you so much back story for it to make sense, I don't have that kind of time, or really that kind of energy to do that.
Nate has had another swelling incident, this time it was a mosquito, poor guy, he kind of looks like this, without the veining and the goatee, but I am considering starting the kid on an IV drip of benadryl if this keeps up. I did also spot a bite on Gwen's hand that I think looks like what Nate's bites would look like without the allergic reaction. You can hardly see it, I had to point it out to Eric, it is like a millimeter brown dot on her hand with clear bumps around it, no swelling, I am not even sure how I noticed it. Nate's 1in brown spot still there! (Gwen sleep update-now she has the hiccups!) Nate also has diaper rash, no diarrhea anymore, thank goodness, but the diaper rash was so terrible that we woke up screaming at midnight Sat night and had to be given some Motrin to get him to calm down and go back to sleep. The funny thing is Gwen slept through the whole thing, can't sleep through the thunder, but slept through that! I am hoping that the diaper rash is subsiding, hard to tell. Today we were getting the kids ready for bed, Eric wasn't in the room, I noticed that Nate had just pooped so I started changing his diaper, got him cleaned up and was putting the cream on him and he farted, I jumped back a little, but continued on cream, thinking that was lucky, just getting ready to get the diaper back on him when I heard the sound and yep, pooped right on me, even a little of the projectile, and guess what, Eric was just walking back toward me so he got a good laugh! I think he owes me!
Tomorrow I am meeting with a new exercise buddy, she is also new to the area, she has a little girl 7 months, so scheduling might be difficult, I think she is more flexible than I am. But, I am excited at the prospect of having a partner to run jog/walk with. She lives in one of the TH neighborhoods across the street almost, so that is also exciting! She seems pretty nice, last week we met for a walk and we ended up walking for 1.5 hrs, the kids were done by the time I got home!
My 6-kids neighbor also came over, she is going to be hosting a music class in her house once a week and wanted to know if we wanted to join her. I said YES! Ok, maybe not so emphatically, but next week we are going to try that, since she lives across the street should be relatively easy to do. I think both my kids like music, so won't be too much of a problem, Gwen loves to sing and I think that is mostly what it is going to be. They both love to dance, Nate is still at that point where he just can't help moving if he hears music playing.
My laptop has been having issues with the battery charging, the plug has to be positioned just right in order for it to charge...since it is still under the extended warranty I backed up the photos and files and sent it on its way should be back by the end of the month!
I guess that's it for now. I am tired and going to bed. (Gwen update, still chatting, no hiccups, obviously not sleeping! 10:10!!!)

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