Saturday, September 12, 2009

The many faces of Nate...

and a one of Gwen.
I was trying to get a picture of some of Nate's new teeth, it didn't work out at all. He now has the 4 first year molars and has 3 of his canines poking through, we are still waiting for the top left one to make its appearance, I couldn't decide what pictures to post, so I am going to post them all. All of these pictures were taken in less than 2 minutes! My little ham after lunch!
Showing me his eye, he is really good at "eye", and mouth, and head, but we need to work on the rest of them, he keeps pointing to his mouth when I ask him where his nose is! :(
If you believe, you can see his tooth, that little white spot in the bottom left...
I don't know what this look is, but dude he does it often, a kind of excited happy look.
He likes to try and get the camera.
Gwen showing off her mad I know my body part skills!
I don't think he was showing me a body part here, he's just contemplating his next move!
I get this look also, not cleat on what it is for.
Still his ear!
I have to say, Nate is the sweetest, happiest baby. Ok, so he doesn't wake up super happy and likes to be carried around, but seriously, loves to cuddle and pat you on the back, so sweet! I think he also might have some issues with his belly. He seems to be having some diarrhea, but no other symptoms and doesn't really seem to be affected, doesn't seem to care as usual. I think this may have been going on for the last couple days, but can't say for sure because it has taken this long for me to realize that hey, there might be something wrong...when he doesn't fuss or act any different, it is hard to realize he is not feeling well. So I guess we will probably stay close to the house well, at least I will keep Nate close to the house. It is not like we really do anything with others, so I don't know if he's actually caught something or if this is just another side effect of the teeth coming in. He is still eating and drinking normally, so I guess I won't be too concerned. I just finished another batch of yogurt, which I have read is good for the diarrhea and I think it has already helped some. Another fun and exciting post from me! ;)

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