Thursday, September 10, 2009

The latest

I have a couple things to say, no pictures included, because well, I don't currently know where the camera is. I got a wild hair today and decided that all the stuff that is currently sitting in piles in our bedroom will no longer be sitting in piles on dressers and really any flat space in the bedroom. It is time to find things homes or toss, or something! I think the camera may or may not be involved in that cleaning process, (since as I type this we haven't finished this project yet). I don't recall picking it up and tossing gingerly placing it on the bed with the rest of our crap stuff. I did a lot of the stuff, but some stuff needs the husband's attention and he is currently studying, oop done studying, now sitting next to me, I am sure we will find the camera soon and I will post the promised pictures, you know soon.
I hope that the people that used to live in this house have hired cleaning people, because I am still convinced that the people never really cleaned, I have been diligently cleaning and think that some of the areas that I have to clean (like the door jams, seriously, how long do you not have to clean to get lint and stuff in there, or to have matted fur in the vents.)
Also, the kids are still working on this sleep thing and it could make us crazy! I know they will get it eventually, but it seems to take forever and if they are exhausted and truly it is not fun to listen to them whine. Ok, well not fun to listen to Gwen whine, Nate hasn't mastered that art yet. They aren't going to sleep until 9-10:30ish even though we are putting them down way before that, also they are sleeping only until 7, so if I could get them to sleep later, but you really can't get them to do that, they don't really listen to reason and one wakes the other up. Also, Gwen has this new fun habit of every time I turn the lights out screaming either "I'm still awake" or "I've got to pee". FUN!
We don't have cable, but we have an antenna and it is actually better than cable, well not better than cable, but we are getting free local HD channels and making up the rest of the shows with free internet sites. Which actually has been fun, because those internet sites have some shows that Eric and I remember from our childhood, so we have been re-watching them, which is fun! They don't make them like they used to!

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