Monday, September 21, 2009


This weekend was busy for us, we decided to get started working on the yard. Seemed like a good idea at the time, don't know if it was, but we decided to move this tree... Apparently the hubby is not fond of the holly trees and we decided it would be a good place for a patio, since the current patio doesn't actually fit our table and chairs, so its useless.
Friday night Eric decided to get started (did I mention Nate was having some pretty bad diaper rash so he was getting some diaper free time in the back yard...since Nate was nekked Gwen decided to join the party!) Nate likes to help, did you notice the shovel?
See, helping!
Nate, posing for a picture.
This is Saturday, mid-afternoon, the hole in the backyard had been dug, finally figured out where all the roots were and finally getting some movement! Gwen resting, she laid like that for a long time, so funny.
Eric dragging the tree with some straps.
Did mention we also moved their house to the back where we can't seem to grow grass, we are going to put a garden there and hopefully our little holly tree will grow as well as our neighbor's has.
I would be remiss to tell you that we also had to dig out a little to make the house straight. We will be doing more out back work in the next couple weeks. The neighbor has offered us 2 crepe myrtles! We are going to put at least one of them in the back. I would like to put the other in front of the white fence, by the front door, kind of to say Hello! front door! Since the front door is half way around the house. We have also ordered some bulbs. I have more to post about this weekend, but Eric needs the computer.

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