Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How've you been?

We have been kind of busy here, so busy I haven't been able to stop by and say hello. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. My MIL was here and so I didn't really have a chance to get online much. She left super early this morning, so I have a chance to get on here and say hi! We had a good visit with "Grandmom" and I think everyone had a good time. I know the kids enjoyed some Grandmom time. Hopefully I will have a chance to update you on the things around here, with pictures, you know, like Nate, now having 14 teeth and saying new words all the time like "Mango" (our neighbor's cat). Quite fun. I will leave you with some pictures of Nate, he often picks up Gwen's dolls and hugs them, I don't know why!
He also loves putting things on his head, and taking it off and putting it on, a fun game that entertains him!

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