Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where did your hair go?

Once there was a little boy, who had some hair. He was a sweet blondie with bright blue eyes. His hair seemed a little long so the boy's father decided to hack it off...
and make him look like this! :(
I am trying to get a shot of him, but you know he is elusive little bugger
Here is the scene of the crime, where you can see some of the remains.
Still trying to get a good picture...
What do you think?
If you ask him where his hair is, he still pats his head, sometimes, I guess because he realizes he hardly has any left.
My Mother sternly told Gwen not to let him near her with the clippers...although I guess since it is straight, it is much better job than I did on Gwen's hair! Eric also threatens to cut my hair, but I will also not allow that. Mommy still misses Nate's hair... :(

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Roxann said...

He looks cute, Melanie! But I still remember Jason's first hair cut (some 26 years ago!!) so I know what you mean about missing Nathan's hair. Now Jason is bald most of the time so get used to it!!!