Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Last hand update

I tried to take some more pictures of Nate's hand just to document it. And really, its interesting to me, I don't know if you care...
This picture was taken last night, actually, when I downloaded I think you can tell that his left hand is swollen, see no wrist!
When I pulled out the camera you notice who demanded to have her picture taken.
Here are some pictures after 2 doses of antibiotic, 1 dose of benadryl.

His hand is much improved tonight, less red and less swelling, it has started to leave the fingers. I swear there will be a more interesting post tomorrow!
Oh, and one more picture of Gwen, this one of her napping. We went to the neighbor's to update on Nate's hand. She had a complete fit when we left and when we came home I told her to go to her room and did some stuff for maybe 15 minutes when I went back to check on her, this is what I found...

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