Wednesday, August 05, 2009


As I mentioned here, I made yogurt, based on the recipe here. It is surprisingly easy. Yes it takes a long time, but that is not hands on time, so that is great. It was great fun to wake up in the morning and see a thickened mass of yogurt. So cool! I used a Greek yogurt starter and I found out, me not so fond of Greek yogurt. I used whole milk, and I have been adding a little bit of honey to it for me, but I don't think the kids care. Well, now that Gwen has tasted it with honey, she really likes it. Nate, well, I can't spoon it into his mouth fast enough, as you can tell by these pictures!

Gwen told Eric that it was "not bad". The way she was gobbling it down I don't think she thinks it was not bad!
I added peach to the yogurt, that is pretty good, tomorrow we are going to try strawberry, yum! Maybe in 7-10 days I will try my hand at low-fat yogurt...

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