Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What are you doing?

How's it been going with you? Well, we are surviving, I think a little better this week than last week. Everyone seems to be getting over the colds. I don't think the colds were all that terrible, and the kids have runny noses, but everyone appears to be on the mend. YAY! I haven't heard from the U.Haul people, I need to call and find out if I still owe them a trailer. GRRR! I don't have your trailer!
Eric finished his first rotation and has started orientation for his graduate studies. He starts classes and his second rotation next week.
This weekend we had a garage sale, our neighbors actually had a garage sale and we just jumped on the bandwagon. We sold some stuff, got more stuff out of the garage and hey, guess what, we can now walk out into the garage and get stuff out. WOHOO! No opening the garage and then walking out the front door to get the stuff that we need.
As you know we put the kids together, but then we stopped because of the colds. Today we decided to put them back together. They both cried, but fell asleep after maybe 30 minutes! I guess it helps that we tired them out. I think apart of the problem is Nate, I think it usually takes him a long time to get to sleep, sometimes over an hour. I think Gwen goes to sleep almost immediately. This I think causes problems, but I guess they will work it out.
Gwen has started taking naps without wearing a diaper. Wohoo! One night she decided not to wear a diaper, but we didn't get to her fast enough in the morning. :( I am still working on getting her to go to the bathroom, but I forget. Fortunately, when she has to poop, she doesn't try to hold that! We'll get there, but we are throwing a lot of change at the poor girl and she is doing remarkably well, as long as I can keep her getting enough sleep I think things will continue to go well. Gwen wants to spend all her time outside riding her bike. This weekend the kids were very cute Gwen was riding her bike and Nate was standing behind her pushing her...when he thought she was stuck. Unfortunately when I pulled out the camera Nate changed his mind and wouldn't do it again. Gwen is getting very good at riding her bike, Eric moved up the seat for her and I think that made all the difference. She loves it though, in no time I envision family bike rides!
Nate, what can I say about that little guy, besides trouble! I feel like that is a reoccurring theme around here. He still is as cute as ever and if he hears anyone say anything remotely close to "outside" he runs to the door and says "side, side, side" and tries to open the door. This is only a problem if we have forgotten to lock the door and he falls out (oops!). He is into everything and is always moving. He is saying more words and understands everything. Did I mention he was watching Gwen pee in the bathroom and tried to put his hand in the stream...ewww. And seriously he has watched her pee a lot, why wait until this week!? Why!? probably because we were totally unprepared for it and I think for some reason all 4 of us where right there! That boy is going to be something else.
I think that is all I can remember for now. Life is moving on, we are settling in. I have decided to try and find a different Mom's group, the one I am currently in is online and does forums and such, I am not really into checking that to see and comment on what is going on in the area. I just don't have the time/energy/inclination for that. I hope that now that school is starting around here I will be able to find something for the kids. Maybe one day when Nate is on a 1 nap schedule we will be able to do things, but this 10am nap really doesn't make it easy for me to do things with others! GRRR!
Oh, I almost forgot I made another batch of this yogurt, this batch, with 1% milk...much better, I think. I am just not used to whole milk yogurt! Although with this batch I used gelatin to thicken the yogurt, but I used entirely too much and now it is like jello yogurt. Which actually isn't a bad thing, because if you blend it with some fruit then it has the right consistency as long as you eat it right away, it will thicken up anytime it is in the fridge. The kids don't seem to care and I think it tastes a little like those whips yogurts. I guess I know their secret!

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