Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dr. appt

Today was Gwen's 3 year Dr's appointment. Yay Gwen!
Here are her stats:
Weight: 32lb ?oz (50%)
Height: 36.5 in (50%)
As a reminder, I mean it has been a year and 1 month, so I don't know if you can be expected to remember she was 25lb, 11.5oz, 33.75in I guess in a year she has gained almost 7lbs and grew 3 in. I think she grew the three inches not that long ago, because she seemed to be 33 on everything for a long time and then boom 36! I guess those stats are good, also because she was lower percentages 30-40% weight and 45% height. Not bad kid, I guess you are getting enough to eat.
This was a very LONG visit. Seriously, long, they did blood pressure, height, weight, eye check, ear check and I had to fill out a questionnaire about her development. Based on that questionnaire, I would say Gwen is a rock star. Seriously, can she use 4 word sentences, yes! I do wonder, do run-on sentences count? She used a 5 word sentence when we got to that one, because they wanted us to give an example, thanks kid! We do have to work on her circle drawings and I some of the stuff I just couldn't test, maybe they should have sent me the questionnaire in advance because then I could have tested everything, or given me blocks and balls.
I did talk to her about what I thought was Gwen's terrible eating habits and she said we are doing the right thing by not serving her whatever she wants, she'll eat when she's hungry. (did I mention she has started to eat corn! CORN! a vegetable! and sometimes she eats carrots). We also have to work on her saying yes to every question answered, because she told the Dr she eats broccoli! HA! I am totally serving that tonight to make her eat it. We also discussed Gwen holding her pee, until I make her pee. She said I need to try and get her on a routine and make her sit on the potty, which I do, I just have to try and remember earlier in the day. Also we discussed night time training, I think Gwen is getting ready for that, she will sometimes be dry when she wakes up from naps. It is happening more and more frequently, the thing is, we have to remember to get her to pee before bedtime and right when she gets up, which means we have to get up with her.
Anyhoo, all and all a great visit. As usual Gwen made me proud and Nate got bored and made me crazy...ok not crazy, but does he have to touch EVERYTHING and wander. I sincerely hope they were able to find the keyboard that I put on top of the computer, oops!

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Roxann said...

this cracked me up! I would total like to be with you when you are trying to concentrate on Gwen's appointment and chasing Nathan at the same time.............brings back memories of Nicole and Jason at that age!!! ya made me laugh!