Sunday, August 09, 2009


As I mentioned last year, I love the blueberries! I realized a little too late that they have pick your own blueberry fields around here. So we found that the there was one farm still open, we went this weekend. I felt the blueberries were very picked over so we only ended up with 3.5 lbs...Not what I was hoping for, but the kids seemed to enjoy it, for a while. Eric seemed to not enjoy watching the kids while I picked.
We put the kids to work in the beginning, of course. Here we are getting ready to show Nate what we were doing.
Nate, starting to realize what was going on...

Before this trip, Nate not so fond of the blueberries, but I am sad to report he now likes them pretty good. (sad because I now have to share my blueberries with 2 kids!)
Gwen & Nate chatting it up in the blueberry trees/bushes.
See how Nate is eying up my blueberry pail...we probably would have ended up with 4lbs if those 2 kids didn't eat so much!
Gwen has become quite obsessive about the map, when I pull it out she must look at it.
Telling Daddio where to go...
I made a blueberry pie yesterday, we all shared some.
We have a strict no shirt policy for blueberries!
I am beginning to wonder why we allow Nate to wear a shirt during dinner at all, learning to eat is a messy business.

Since this is Nate's first blueberry pie experience we took lots of pictures! He says "mo, mo", which I am going to translate to "more, more". (oh and we missed you Uncle Eric...just not the same without you!)

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