Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Routine or not routine

As usual around here, nothing around here is routine or normal. Eric finished his first rotation, but hasn't set up his next one. Classes officially start today, but his doesn't start until tomorrow. What does this mean to us? Eric has been home a lot. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is just that when we are trying to get the NC routine down it isn't very helpful. But, it is good for the kids and helpful for me to see him for a while, before he gets bogged down with work and studying. Although, in one of his orientation classes he was told, you work as hard as you need to, to get your work done. We'll see how it goes.
In other news, we have Nate and Gwen are currently sleeping in their new room. It has been a couple days, but during naptime I have them separated. Which is kind of funny, because during naptime, Gwen wants to sleep with Nate and during bedtime she doesn't. She thinks that I don't know what's up, but I do, she doesn't want to nap so she wants to hang with Nate, but I think he keeps her up too late with Nate so she doesn't want to sleep with him at night. I think it is just another late night don't want to go to sleep antic. Just like the new I have to pee stalling bedtime strategy!
In other news Nate is on some sort of eating strike. He isn't really eating dinner at all. But as soon as he gets down from his high chair he eats the food he dropped off his high chair or he wants to eat off our plates. We have 1 theory that since he has been sequestered in the kitchen, he is none too pleased about not eating with the rest of the family. I think we will try to move him back into the dining room and see what happens. If this doesn't work, then I think I am going to have to start weaning him since we know he is using that as a supplement and that isn't what we don't want! I have been holding off on weaning him, with the teeth coming in, moving, putting him and Gwen together, I just didn't want everything to be happening at once and he shows no interest in weaning. I didn't wean Gwen until a couple months from now and she didn't really care. I think Nate at this point might care, but we don't know until we try. He has been throwing temper tantrums these days, which are kind of funny, at this point. We'll see if they turn into full blown temper tantrums, or stay these little "anger spikes".
The new house is starting to come together. The MIL comes in about a week, so we have a little more rearranging and organizing to do, so she can at least be slightly comfortable. The guest bedroom is in pretty good shape, but we need to make sure she has enough room for her stuff. The problem is we have more stuff to sell in a garage sale in Oct, so we are running out of space, as usual. But we keep making progress on the house and getting more and stuff together and unpacked and organized and every step to organization is a step in the right direction!
There are some things about this house that I must get off my chest, first the light switches...HATE them, not the actual switches, but my instinct for which switch turns on which light is ALWAYS wrong! And while I am speaking of turning on and off light switches, I should mention that Gwen is now old enough to turn on and off light switches! Also, the spider web situation is pretty terrible, and not just the spider webs the lint/dust. I am just not used to all this dirtiness. I loved the hardwood floors, and feel like I could vacuum this house everyday, not just the floors but the vents and the ceilings and then I would be able to control the spider webs/dust. Even though this house is much smaller than the old house, with 2 kids it is not feasible at all! So I guess I will continue this loosing battle.
I also think I am allergic to NC, this could pose quite a problem for my future. Ok, so I might not be allergic to the whole state, but there is definitely something here bothering me! I have heard that eating local honey can help people, especially children with allergies, so I might try eating some local honey and see if that will help with my issues. Because frankly I don't want to sound like this and be hacking up a lung for because of so much congestion from allergies. Plus, I need to get back into exercising, which is difficult with congestion!
Last week we went and got our tags for NC, can I just say how irritating is that! It was twice as much money to get our tags for 1 year in NC than it was to get our tags for 2 years in MD. These are things you don't think about when you are moving, well we didn't think about, and in reading the website had no idea it was going to be that much. It is called the fees they hide on a different screen so we had no idea until we got there and with 2 kids and terrible acoustics we couldn't really get a good picture of what the heck was going on!
I guess that is all for now, not much else going on, oh wait, unless you consider Eric has pulled out his t-shirts and purchased some fabric, that's right we are going to be working on another tshirt quilt here! So stay tuned, one day we might start working on it!

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