Sunday, August 02, 2009


Moving here to NC has meant a lot of changes, some of them I prepared for some of them have taken me by surprise. I am struggling to find a Church. I never even considered this in the move, a Catholic Church is a Catholic Church, as long as it is in the Roman sect. And true basically these Churches are exactly the same in what we do, but the feeling of it is different. Today we went to this Church. I have never been to a Church where I have been a minority, but I tell you I enjoyed it more than I have the last couple weeks. I have hesitated to go to this Church because I knew that I would be a minority and didn't know what to expect of the people. But, no one looked at us funny as we walked in, so that was great. One aspect to me that I can't handle is bad singing and I did not have any of that today. The songs I had never heard before, but they were very well done and I had no idea that there was a different hymnal. I also noticed that everyone was dressed very nicely, no shorts to be seen. The whole family came to Church today, but Nate didn't last long before Eric offered to take him out, and we were in the cry room! He just can't sit still, yet, unless it involves eating! The only problem with this Church is the time, they only have the one Mass on Sunday and it is entirely too late for me, plus being the one service it was 1.5hrs, too long for the 3 year old.
The other Churches I have gone to are not bad, they just don't give me a welcoming feeling and I am a little freaked out that they Baptize the baby like full on put in the water (not under the water dunking) but the one Church sat the newborns in the Baptismal font and poured water over them. The other Church held the baby by her legs are arms and dunked that way. I am just not used to that. Although I have a suspicion that all Churches here Baptize that way because all 4 Churches I went to had the same looking "holy water fountains".
I guess I will continue to try out Churches and times until I find the one that I like, with times convenient for our family. And, maybe once school starts the "summer vacation" aspect of the Churches will be over and the Churches will have more things that we can do and get involved in to meet people.

Next up, today I make yogurt!


Beth said...

OH MY GOSH on the Baptizing!! Seriously they dunk a newborn????? We still haven't had Brady baptized but for good reason...When he was born my dad was ill and not able to travel and by the he was wel, Roger was diagnosed with cancer and we're still battling that!!! Maybe by his first birthday!

Good luck finding a Church - I find that to be very difficult b/c I'm always comparing to the Church I grew up in and I tend to go by myself with all three because of Bran's work schedule - so more often than not - we don't go! Horrible I know!

Melanie said...

The newborns they sat in the water and poured water over their heads, it was a weird scene to me, those newborn babies, (still alien looking) sitting there wondering what was going on! The "older" one at the other Church, a couple months old they kind of held like an upside down pig and "dunked" does that make sense?