Friday, August 21, 2009

The bedroom

I was speaking to my Mother the other day and since she is having a hard time visualizing the new kids bedroom. I thought I would post some pictures so you all can see the room. So, here you go, pictures of their room, from the front door, Gwen's bed and the toy box. Nate's bed, as you can see I am utilizing under crib storage for both the beds.
This is a picture from Gwen's bed to the closet.
From Nate's bed to the door.
Here is another view from almost inside the door. What you can't tell is where we have Gwen's bed, I guess I didn't take a picture from Nate's bed to Gwen's bed. We don't have her bed right up against the window, we have a doll size bassinet there. I think if you print out all the pictures you can tape them together in sort of a panoramic view of the room, good luck, and don't forget to fold for the corners!
This is the closet; it is a huge closet, I don't think you can really tell by that picture, so I took 2 more pictures.
This is the left side, we have 2 of those gaming chairs sitting on top of each other in there.
This is the right side, I still don't think you can see the depth, but you might have some idea of how much space. Maybe one day we can do a closet organization system in there.
Also, in the quest to become NC residents we had to get our cars inspected. While we were waiting we went to Target and picked up this:
YAY! Now we can put Eric's book collection in there and it is cheap and less than $30! I don't care, functional and cheap and it even comes with a thing so Eric can attach it to the wall so no children can pull it down on their heads!!! YAY!!!! I guess, truly that is the most important thing, that and cleaning out the guest closet for the impending Grandma visits! Now if we could just get a 1 year old to sleep through the night we might actually be ready for the Grandmas to visit...I am hoping these teeth coming in soon, because Nate was not happy to not see me last night, hopefully we can get him to start eating dinner again soon!

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