Friday, August 21, 2009

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle!

I want to ride my bicycle! That is all we hear these days, Gwen wants to ride her bike, morning, midday and evening, its all she wants to do. Now that Eric made the seat higher she is much better at riding it. She loves to ride up and down the block and around in circles. I guess we did spend a lot of time pushing Gwen when she got stuck, because that is what Nate has taken over for us...
although sadly, she is not actually stopped when Nate tries to push her and she yells "Nate no push, I'm not stuck!" So funny!
Nate loves playing with leaves, well not really playing with them, he just picks them up and shows them to us and then walks around with them. Whatever, at least he is not running into someone elses yard!
There's our girl!

These pictures are from last night at bedtime. They are trying to sleep in the bed together again tonight. Gwen is super tired, and I think Nate is having a really hard time with teething. He has woken up at midnight and seems to have stopped eating most foods, besides dairy and bread. I have also caught him chewing on teethers, which I don't know that he has ever done, in the recent past. I think he is getting in a molar and a couple canines.

Things are fun and crazy around here. Eric has pretty much finished orientation, signed up for classes and now we have to gear up for graduate school, the fun begins!

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