Saturday, May 31, 2008


I figure that if I don't post every couple days some people will begin to wonder...well, it happened last time! We are still at home, no labor signs, so I thought I would post some videos!
This is Gwen playing on the couch, obviously, and since it is from almost 2 weeks ago, I don't really remember what it is and I am to tired to rewatch.

I think I promised video of Gwen riding the horses.

This is the video from the other night Gwen being worn out by Daddy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, my day wasn't all that stressful or upsetting, nor was I in a bad mood. I just had some grievances to bare so, you know I just compiled them into one post/list. Seemed like a good idea at the time! Anyhoo, had the Dr's appt today, I had been looking forward to this one, it was with the Dr that delivered Gwen and I know she would give me the whole scoop and take time to explain was helpful that I was one of the last appts of the day. When I asked her about the induction last week Dr recommended she seemed shocked. Apparently he had just given her a hard time for scheduling an induction on someone who was 40 weeks 5 day, but the difference is that person wanted to be induced, I am crazy enough to not want one, since baby appears to be fine! My Dr seems to think he recommended induction because of my size, well not my size, but the size of the baby. She just thinks I have large babies. Today she told us 9lb, 2oz. So if she is anywhere near correct, many of your guess are off! I would like to keep the baby under 9lb, because I think over 9lb is when they check blood sugar levels every 4 hrs. She doesn't think I will have any problems with the large baby, because of Gwen's size and this being my second and all. We are all also hopeful that this birth is way faster, she thinks it could be. I also found out more information about the Strep B. I was undecided on whether I wanted to get to the hossy immediately, but when she mentioned that if I did pass the Strep B to the baby might have to stay in the hossy up to a week. No thank you! I will be seeing the same Dr next week, she told me to go ahead and tell the scheduler to squeeze me into her schedule for the next 2 weeks. I am hoping to not go that long, but it is not really up to me, is it.
Oh, I forgot one on my list...please don't tell me what what the heck you did in order to start labor. I will not be eating a McDonald's fish sandwich, (we heard the crazy rumors last time, tried some, Gwen came when she was ready). When someone kept repeating the fish sandwich story to me today, someone else said you know what caused me to go into labor, my baby did when she was ready. Awesome!

T-8days +/-?

So, I am still pregnant, let me get a few things out of the way:
  1. I don't care that I am still pregnant, it doesn't bother me that the baby is still inside (of course that doesn't make me any less bitchy extra hormones and all)
  2. I don't care about the heat. I was raised in FL without air conditioning in the summer, MD summers are nothing compared to that!
  3. I am not having any contractions, I might be having Braxton-Hicks, but that only happens during my exercise class-it is a tenuous balance, having enough water to not be dehydrated and not too much so I pee in my pants in the park because there are no bathrooms.
  4. Yes I had the 1st 8lb15.5oz without drugs and I intend to do the same thing this time, barring serious medical conditions that will require intervention. I do not judge that you are any more or less a woman than I am and I don't consider myself a he-woman, I had help, I will have help again, woman have done it before and will do it again. I know that all people have different tolerances and different circumstances and you make the best decision that is presented to you at the time. So, do NOT try to make me see the "light" and don't look at me like I am a freak. This is what we have decided as a family, we have lived with these decisions and we are happy with them. Ok, so Eric just went along with me, cause I had to do all the work, but he was and has been very supportive.
  5. Right now might not be the best time to ask me if the second pregnancy flew by as compared to the first. The passage of time means nothing to me, it is the passage of time, something I have no control over. Can I believe that I could be holding my newborn at any time now, no I cannot. But I am not sure one has anything to do with the other.
  6. Please listen to me, don't hear what you want to hear, I am trying hard to listen to you and not be distracted by an internal kicker/breakdancer and a 23 month old.
  7. Don't cross me, I am at the end of my pregnancy and I don't tolerate much anymore, I apologize, one day I will be back to normal hormone levels, until then, don't expect to much.
I think that if I could pass this list out to people I encounter, life would be a lot easier. I know random strangers and new acquaintances are just trying to be polite and think that these are good things to start conversations, but seriously I don't really want to stand and talk to anyone, I want to sit, maybe put my feet up, but since they are not swelling, I guess that isn't a necessity. Which reminds me of a funny story from last night: Eric asked me to do get something for him, I was already standing, but I was lazy (go figure) so I put my feet up and said but my ankles are probably swelling so I should sit down. Unfortunately when I lifted up my feet, no they weren't swelling, so I went and got the needed object. Poop!
We have several things we still have to do before the baby comes, I think he/she is waiting for me to do these things. We have still not packed the bags. We still have not put the carseat base in the car. And, probably most importantly I am currently using the baby's crib as a bedside table. I think that bitchy might not be my actual problem, a lack of tolerance is my problem. This poses a new problem for me, since I usually internalize everything, I am not right now and that can make for some unpleasantness, especially since it means that I say whatever comes into my head that I think is important at the time. Sorry for that, if I don't say it now, it is possible it will forget it.
In more exciting news, ok I guess it depends on what your definition of exciting is. As usual for the last couple of days, Gwen was butt naked this morning. Boy was I irritated! At least there was no poop, but I also felt bad for her cause I think she slept in her pee. Or maybe she didn't she just pees first thing in the morning, I don't know. Either way the poor kid. Today I tried putting her diaper on backwards, we will see if she can figure that out! I think Gwen often wakes up and doesn't necessarily make any noises so if she is peeing in the morning (and we could try to get her to pee in the potty). But my most exciting news, for me, is that Gwen has started to pretend with me! I am so excited for this step. She came up to me and handed a bowl and a spoon, when I didn't do anything to it she took the spoon and said "yum yum". Thanks kid, I had no idea we were pretending. I don't know why I am super excited about this, but I think that it will make for a lot of fun for us in the next couple of years.
I think that it is about time to wake up sleeping Gwen so we can go to my Dr's appt.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here is a picture of Eric and his celebratory maraschino/walnut cake! YUM! We had a celebratory dinner with Grandmom and the godfather and girlfriend. No pictures of anyone else!
For the last couple days, maybe a week, I have felt remorse for our sweet girl, except for today, but I will get into that later. Eric and I, as only children really have no idea what we are getting into, although I don't know how much more prepared we would be if we had siblings. But how much can my almost 2 year old really understand, I mean we have books about it and read them to her and try to explain it, but seriously, what does she really understand!? I hope it is not to traumatic, she is a sensitive girl.
Today started out as a terrible day. I feel like I have been cleaning up all day. This morning someone had taken off all her clothes, ok, you say not a big deal she does that everyday, but today she had pooped and lets just say it not a medium I approve of for fingerpainting, and curiously why is this the day that Eric had to leave early for work so I had to bathe the little one! Then we were late for class, and she has not listened to me at all today! Then she was sitting at her table drinking her "chocky nilk" and spilled it all over herself. GREAT! I decided against putting more clothes on her since we hadn't had lunch, then I gave her watermelon...why not she was already dirty, I mean since I already had to use a hose on her once today, might as well keep up the trend!
Last night we remembered that we needed to pull out more of the baby stuff and we pulled out Gwen's little gym thing. She thinks this is how it works.

After the cranky morning, I have had several phone calls that have cheered me up, one of which is from our doula we had with Gwen, she is now available for our birth, if we want to hire her again. Gwen is now awake, but I think it is weird how things work out, Eric and I were just discussing labor last night and how nice it was to have her there. We will likely be discussing this tonight, we are about 10 days from the due date, probably should make this decision quickly, so if we do hire her we can meet with her and review my pregnancy!


Aka a long day for an overtired pregnant Mommy and her overtired almost 2 year old. So here is the graduation report, from my perspective, and since Eric says the blog is my thing, you won't likely get his perspective! You've been warned. As I already reported yesterday, Wed we went to Gettysburg which meant Gwen got only a car nap. I really wanted her to get a crib nap, but that wasn't in the car. Needless to say, little girl woke up early and we got ready and left for Eric's graduation in B'more. He had 2 ceremonies that day the first was the conferring of the degree for the entire Johns Hopkins campuses, all the students that officially graduated summer, fall and spring, bachelors, masters and doctorates. Thank goodness they decided to confer the degrees for the undergrads and masters. The doctorates actually received their diplomas. I as usual picked the wrong side to actually see Eric, but since as you see it was outside, no big deal to walk around to the other side so we could get a glimpse at Eric. (well, no big deal for an obviously pregnant woman, small child and Grandmom; we saw them stop other people) We missed the beginning of the ceremony, but they were still running the shuttle golf carts so we got to ride on that, as you can see from the picture, I am not sure Gwen was so thrilled!

I circled Eric in red, can you see him!
We were too lazy to get seats after we walked around so we stood there and some people made a fuss over Gwen and how cute she was. She added the beads herself, did I mention it was windy and a little chilly.
You can see Eric towards the end of the line waving at us.
Found, Daddy, Gwen wasn't quite so sure about Daddy in that getup!
Proud Mom!
Our family portrait! Sorry #2, might be a while before we get a new portrait.
I sometimes can't help the corny pictures. I come by it honestly.
After the 2 hour ceremony we went to lunch. We were fortunate to stumble onto a Ruby Tuesdays that no other graduates had found yet. Then we went to the bookstore and let Gwen run around a little bit and we headed over to the next ceremony for the business masters. BTW has anyone ever heard of a Masters of Science in Real Estate? What classes do you take? Does that boost your career in Real Estate? We were fortunate enough to get a seat on the end, right up front, well as front as you can get since they had all the graduates sitting in front of us. We were unfortunate to seat on the wrong side, Eric was on the end on the other side. POOP! We were also unfortunate enough to sit behind the Honorary speakers wife, who seemed to be rather unhappy to be there, or maybe she was just unhappy that a woman with a 2 year old was sitting behind her. Let me just say, Gwen was a perfect angel for being up all day, earlier than usual and the ceremony was of course right during her nap time. After the ceremony we ran to the cars and sat in traffic, Gwen feel asleep in about 5 minutes into the car ride home. By the time we got home she was awake and CRANKY! Just crying over anything.

I tried to get some practice pictures so I could get a picture of Eric with his diploma, but it didn't work out, so you will see the head of the department above, and the cranky wife's husband!
Should have taken a picture of the wife, she gave me plenty of opportunities when she was giving me the evil eye!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Last week was indeed a busy week for us. Grandmom surprised Eric to go to his graduation. Eric had been feeling a little depressed that he was going to be going to his graduation by himself. Grandmom left early yesterday morning and we have spent most of the time relaxing, before #2 arrives. Apparently Eric is nesting, he is spending time cleaning the garage. We still haven't packed the bag, but I have my lists. Now that we made it through Eric's graduation I am more ready to have this baby, theoretically!
Since it is Memorial day I thought I would post the pictures from Gettysburg. We went to the outlets in Gettysburg with Grandmom. Gwen actually let Terry hold her, so I made Eric take a picture. We know how she is with people she isn't real sure of, mind you this is when she had enough sleep, so she was tolerable of others.

We then discovered the "deighs" and had to go on them. We don't as of yet know that the actually moved, and I think she is ok with that! I am pretty sure that would scare her.
We tried all the animals and even tried to get them to move, but with little success. Needless to say, it wasn't a happy scene when we had to move on!
We will be doing nothing/little today, we did go to class this morning, Eric came and got to experience what class is like. I of course, at this point, can't do much but walk and arm exercises. But, I think we had a good time, Gwen of course enjoyed that Daddy was there.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our weekend

So, we had a very busy weekend. Gwen is so pooped, she is still sleeping! I am thinking I should wake her up soon! Eric walked 12 mi during the Relay, so he was/is also pooped! I'm really pregnant...if you didn't remember, so I am really pooped! We got up early-ish on Sat and drove to Baltimore so we could get Eric's cap and gown. We wandered around campus, went to a pub for lunch and then drove to Rockville to pick up our new stroller! I was pretty stoked, Eric unfortunately, being tired and having to drive in traffic and then they couldn't find it, let me tell you it wasn't a pretty scene, because by that point Gwen was overtired and running around in circles while Eric chased her. They both fell asleep in the car on the way home (while I drove). And we extended our trip a little past Frederick so Gwen could get a little longer nap.
Here are some pictures from Hopkins! Eric never took any classes on the main campus, but I think it is nice he was able to get some "graduation" pictures with Gwen.

Sunday Gwen and I went to a birthday party. I put her down early and she still overslept! We were late. So I am not too surprised that it is now 5p and she is just waking up! Poor kid. I think it might take a couple of days for her to catch up.
Tomorrow we don't have class, so hopefully I will be able to get her down at a reasonable hour, we had class today and I got a free chair massage after class, which meant I felt obligated to stay and watch some of the other kids while the other Moms were getting their massages, since they were kind enough to watch Gwen!

The bed

These pictures are from last week. I told you that Gwen could climb up on the bed, I tried to give you a pictorial rendition of the bed climbing. Of course, first you have to put your toys that you want to play with...(unless of course your intention is to get on the bed and do "Jumping Jacks", then no toys are necessary).

The placement of the toys can cause a hindrance to the climbing process!

Look at that face! Can't you just see her explaining everything to me.

And now you can see why gates are closed all over the house, because Mommy doesn't need to have a heart attack to induce labor!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I don't know if this is going to work, I seem to have a problem getting the videos to publish from Photobucket and I can't tell from the preview if this is working.
This is a video to accompany the pictures from the previous post.

I also just figured out what she is saying, I think. "ug" means Hug, I guess she wanted to hold/hug a specific babies. Within the last day or 2 I just realized she says Hug when she wants you to pick her up. Sorry about the video, really I have a hard time appease her Babies needs and holding the camera steady and yes that is every stuffed animal we have in her room (no babies or Gwens were hurt in the filming of this video, despite my terrible aim!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

More shoes and "babies"

So, as I get closer and closer to having this baby, I keep seeing glimpses of the future with Gwen. She is going to drive me crazy...ok, I am kidding. But yesterday I got a picture of her in my shoes.
Too funny, don't you think!
Then after naptime, we had our usual, I don't want to get out of the crib, but this time there was a little difference, she wanted all her "babies" in there with her. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but Gwen calls all stuffed animals/dolls babies, unless they are a dog, and then she calls it a doggies!

I have added some new polls, in light of the Dr's visit yesterday. I think that now is the time to guess the weight and sex of the baby. If you have specific ideas, like you want to guess weight sex and date, just leave a comment. Maybe I can come up with something for the person that is closest. If you don't know how/don't want to comment and you know my email, you can send me one. I currently have no ideas on these things. I am excited to meet the new baby and just don't want to be waiting as long as I had to wait to meet Gwen! I should think my excitement would start to wane, until I went into labor of course!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Words on the page

So, went to the Dr today, had my favorite Dr today. I actually love going to see her. I feel such a bond with her, I am not sure you feel that same type of bond with a man Dr who delievers your baby. Although I should probably ask Kalynne, she has professed a love for one of her Dr's in her baby stories. But I digress, you probably would like to know what happened at aforementioned 37 week Dr's appt. First off she told me I was huge...not that she was saying anything about my weight, I actually lost 2 lbs since my last appt. She was talking about my belly...I am measuring at 39-40 weeks. She does not think I am going to make it to my due date (sorry Mom!) Of course, one of my girlfriend's Dr's told her that with both babies and she had her babies 1 day before she was due. I don't think she is convinced that I will make it another week, and let's not talk about what she said about the size of this baby. Ok, maybe I will, she said if I didn't go this week, this baby was going to be larger than Gwen, but that would be okay, since Gwen already stretched me up. It was kind of funny 'cause when she walked in she said to me, you like to grow them big don't you! She said if I didn't want to have the baby next week, then I better start taking it easy. I don't mind having the baby next week, but I have certain things we need to get through before we have the baby. First is Eric is walking in the ACS relay for life, the team has dwindled, so I don't want take another team member. Saturday we have to drive Baltimore to pick up the cap & gown. And then on Thursday, they are conferring Eric's diploma in Baltimore, and it is really a whole day affair and I am going to be home with Gwen all day. I would also like to make it through his celebration dinner on Saturday. But, I guess I have Sun-Thurs open. Oh did I mention I have started to dilate? Of course, I can walk around this way for weeks, and I am only 2cm not like 4!
Eric was unavailable to be at the appt and one of my girlfriends watched Gwen so I could be at the appointment by myself. It was kind of nice, except I didn't think to bring anything for my personal items. Gwen was super upset when I left. I can't say for sure it was because I was leaving, or because their dog was barking and she didn't like that at all! When I came back to pick her up, she couldn't have cared less about me, she didn't even come over and talk to me, truth be told, I am not sure she even looked at me and when I said it is time to go, she said No. Boy, this makes me feel better about leaving her when I am in labor. My girlfriend is 2nd on the list for where we will be dropping off Gwen.
I am off to make my lists of things we still need to get done and since we haven't packed the bags yet, I think I am going to make a list of what we need to pack. Gwen's bag is not really something we can pack too far in advance, since she uses most of what we will need to pack for her. Plus, since she is so picky, I would like to pack her some food items that she would eat, if they are worried about her not eating! I need to also get cooking. I haven't filled the freezer yet, and I would like to have a couple meals together, I made my grocery list last night, so it will be a cooking weekend for me! If I can find the time, fortunately I have already cleaned out the freezer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gwen styled skirt

I have many thoughts flinging in my head right now, some of them good, some of them bad. I think that you would like to see how much progress Eric made on the upstairs floor. Hopefully he will finish this weekend while Gwen & I are at a birthday party.
Lately, Gwen has been taking her clothes off at night, and sometimes putting them back on at night. I think she gets irritated when we put her down and she takes them off.

Can you tell that putting the pants back on is not her strong suit!? She puts both legs in one pant hole. We switched her a non-zippered/snapped top, which she doesn't attempt to pull off, which keeps her somewhat warmer at night.
We have been giving Gwen more time outs in the last couple of days, she seems to understand the concept, now. She has been testing and not listening and that seems to be helping. I am trying to get rid of her defiant streak...ha ha, I am just kidding, I know I won't be able to do that, or should I do that, but her running out away from me is really a problem esp when I have #2! It seems that the time outs are working, to some extent. For the first time today, she stopped in the park when I said stop! I "ran" up and hugged her, I was so thrilled. I would have given her anything she wanted at that point, but fortunately for me she doesn't understand that! And today, she stood behind the car and waited for me instead of running away. I know this won't last forever and we will have set backs, but I am excited that we seem to be getting through to her.
Gwen has also enjoyed playing in her crib after her nap, I ask her if she wants out and she will say No! and then ask for toys or books, she is often in there for about a half an hour. Which can be a blessing for me because it gives me a chance to do some stuff that I don't always need her underfoot for.
I have also been debating about taking the gates down in the house. We have decided not to take the gates down yet, because of an incident last night. Eric and I were sitting at the table while Gwen was running around, Eric asked her what she was doing and she said, "asd ganbe dabey hda" or some such explanation and he thought, maybe I should check on her. He found her on the steps with her "babies" and a bow, for decorating gifts. He wasn't sure if she was on her way up or down, but as soon as I saw in her hands, I knew she had been upstairs! Let me also mention, the time between when we let her down from the chair and he asked her what she was doing was maybe 5 minutes. She had gotten all the way up and down the stairs and found her baby doll, the bow and goodness knows what else she did! Plus, now she also goes down stairs and tries to play with the car seat and bouncy seat. The problem with that is that we haven't baby-proofed that room, so she really shouldn't be down their by herself! So, if you come to our house now, remember to close the gates...otherwise the quick bandit will not be where she is supposed to be and probably getting into trouble.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the Moms out there had a great day. We didn't do much, being that I still feel rather bad. Actually, I don't feel terrible and I can tell that the Zyrtec is helping, but not enough to make me spend time not sleeping. I am beginning to wonder if I could get a nose bulb or a donate my congestion to some kind of science group. Truly that would make me feel so much better! Eric pretty much took Gwen all weekend, she couldn't have been happier. I spent a good portion of the weekend sleeping, not that I didn't do stuff with Gwen and Eric, I just went to bed early and napped when she napped, I guess practicing for when the new one arrives! I am hoping that soon the headache will subside and I can start being a productive member of the household again. Which will probably happen tomorrow, when I don't have a choice, but to take care of Gwen by myself.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The petting zoo!

We went to Green Meadows again yesterday. Gwen seemed to enjoy herself. She liked touching the sleeping animals. It was pretty funny they had these pigs in the center of a pen and a bunch of kids were on the other side...where all the piglets where and they could touch them, but Gwen went on the other side, where no other kids where and there was this sleeping pig! No one to bother her!
We didn't touch any of the Chickens, 'cause none of them were sleeping.
Her friend, Emily, the kissing bandit. She likes to give everyone kisses and hugs.

Can you guess what she is trying to touch!?
That's right, a cow. We had the opportunity to milk a cow, but she wanted nothing to do with that, but really the cows are rather large!
Another pig!
On the hay ride...before it started, can you tell it is way passed time for her to go home and nap!
Today I fell like an asthmatic. Not much fun, and really I am not sure they can give me anything good to clear out my lungs and stop my coughing!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So, I should be napping now, but I am so dedicated I am going to post first! I saw my Nurse Practitioner friend today and she said it sounded like I had "pregnancy congestion". I had no idea it had such a fancy name. I just thought I had an allergies that have possibly settled into the lungs. She told me she could bring the stethoscope and listen to my lungs (she lives down the street), but really, I am going to the OB on Friday, I think I can hold out 2 more days. She told me that I would probably get some antibiotics, and be done with it. I also spoke to the nurse yesterday and they said I could give Gwen some Zyrtec for her allergy issues, I am still undecided if I am going to give it to her. She doesn't really seem to be bothered except that her nose is running constantly and we can't really stay on top of that.
These pictures are from yesterday, we had a busy day when we came home from Strollers, I had some stuff I had to get done immediately when we got home and this is where I found Gwen. She has always loved car seats, she only climbs in when babies are not in there...hopefully that trend will continue.

Of course, a "candid" shot...I saw how much you enjoyed these pictures yesterday.
More later, I am having a hard time seeing straight and thinking.
Stay tuned for pictures from the petting zoo, where we went today.