Saturday, July 29, 2006

Murphy's law

Today we gave Gwen a bath, not a sponge bath, but we tried to sit her in the little tub to wash her...not so successful. She seems to not enjoy having her clothes off (which as long it stays true is good news for us as parents!) Here are some pictures from today's events.

The reason why this is Murphy's law because the next time I changed her diaper she had a large poop. UGH!

This is another picture from the other day when I went to the dentist. Eric loves this outfit...we will have to get another picture where you can actually see the outfit.

Friday, July 28, 2006

FedEx, Dr's visit, etc

So, this morning was the Dr's visit that would decide our fate! We went in, got weighed and she was 9lb, 4oz! I don't know how she could have gained so much weight, but I didn't ask questions, just scurried on home to get her feed, thank goodness we live 1min from the Dr's office.
The last couple of days can be summed up with the following story. We were sitting on the couch in the living room, Gwen was eating, I was prodding her along when we heard someone frantically yelling STOP! I look out the window and see the FedEx truck parked oddly next to my car. About 5 minutes later, the shame faced FedEx man was asking if that was my car, I said it was and he said, my trainee accidentally hit your car. So, I drag my poor hungry, mostly naked baby out to the car to look at the damage. Really, just a couple of scratches, but still an inconvenience, esp since Gwen was trying to eat my arm.
With the last couple of days being so crazy, we haven't taken many pictures. We have some to download, hopefully this weekend. As to no driving 6-weeks thing, don't know why they said that, but will probably ignore that, as I ignore the rest of the Doc's advice. Or, maybe I will be responsible and call, since that was what the nurse said at discharge.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


everyone for your support while Gwen and I go through this learning process. Last night Eric did give Gwen a supplementation bottle. This morning I found her to be incredibly sleepy. I could not wake her up for her feedings. This morning we went to the dentist, Eric had to drive because I still cannot. I feed her before we left, but did not finish. I expected her to be cranky, but she was not, slept right through my appointment and until almost 4 hours later. By this time I was concerned, she had no wet diapers or anything and I could not wake her for more than a couple minutes. Yesterday I had called La Leche (still have not heard back) and I called a different person this afternoon, only to find that the number was incorrect. How frustrating! I also called the Hospital lactation consultants. I just noticed they left a message (when I don't know, b/c I have been home!) I also spoke with my doula, who was conviently in the area and had a book for me to read so she stopped by. While she was here we finally woke Gwen up...5 hours after she last ate. As the doula was here we feed and to my surprise we might have figured out the problem. We have a lazy girl on our hands! (ok, so I shouldn't have been surprised, my Mom is probably thinking, just like her mother!) The Dr had told me 15 minutes on a side, but this little tyke generally becomes lazy and stops eating correctly after several minutes. She looks like she is eating, but in truth she is just not swallowing so she is not really eating. We really had to mess with the poor girl to keep her awake! And when she was full, a good 45 minutes later we had a happy and content baby on our hands that did not go back to sleep. So, 2 hrs later I started feeding her again, same thing, struggle to keep her awake and feeding. So, I hope this solves our problem. We had a little latching-on adjustment to do. It seems I have to be more proactive with this little one to get her to do everything right. So, if we are correct, when the Gwen is tired and I am watching the clock, she is not getting enough of my milk, because she has become lazy and doesn't actually eat much in 15 minutes. She is not getting the 'hind milk', the milk with all the calories. We will see how this theory holds tonight along with me drinking and eating more.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Gwen and I are back from the Dr's visit. It was not a good visit. Well, I guess it wasn't a bad visit, except he put 'slow growth' on her chart. I have to say part of it doesn't make any sense, and now more of what we have been going through makes sense. She has grown a 1/2 in since birth and has gained some circumference around her head, but she has no weight gain. The thing that doesn't make since is that I am trying to breastfeed, so why would the Dr recommend supplementation of formula, wouldn't this end up decreasing my milk supply. If she is not getting enough milk, from me and I start supplementing then doesn't that mean the whole supply and demand thing for milk from me will decrease? I mean really. I tried to bring this up with the Dr and he was not very supportive, he said we need to increase her calories. But he told me she appears healthy in every other way! But now I understand why she has started to appear hungry...probably because she is! Is that my fault. I will admit, maybe I am not getting the calorie intake I should. It has been really tough, because I am not as able/willing to do stuff because of the baby (so much easier when my Mom was force feeding me!) But this little tyke needs me to be healthy, so I need to suck it up and get up in the morning and eat breakfast. Maybe I should start drinking milkshakes! And I will be calling the Le Leche League to talk to them about what suggestions they have. I wonder if I need to be more pro-active about her latching-on, maybe we don't have the hang of it yet. TMI alert: On a funny side note, I did try to see if maybe I didn't have any milk on the side I suspect she is having a problem nursing on after she fell asleep during nursing...and I did a squeeze and milk shot out...I was quite surprised, as you might imagine.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Last night

I made my first panicked call to the Dr last night. Gwen was acted fussy and the only way we could soothe her was by feeding (a pacifier would not soothe her either, I tried!). After 3 hours of that, I called the Dr. Who, called us back 20 minutes later and was no help. I had taken her temp, normal, given her gas drops; but nothing helped. So at 12:30, Eric and I hopped in the car and drove around for an hour. I think she would have been fine during the car ride had we not gone higher in elevation. She was fine until we hit the mountain, then she started crying. I finally got her soothed with the pacifier and we had turned around so she got upset again. When we finally got home and feed her, she went right out. YEA! Today, she has been pretty 'normal'. I don't know what was bothering her last night, but I am hoping that we don't have another night like that for quite some time! (I told you she was just showing off for Grandma.)
In other news, her umbilical cord fell off today. It has been hanging by a thread for days. I am so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Family outing

Thursday we took Gwen out for her first outing. Our stroller has a carriage feature so we could lay her in there and go for a little walk. Unfortunately, I still can't walk very far, walk around up and down the stairs here, yes, but going for a walk is a different story. We went out last night also, this time we upped the ante and walked to Blockbuster and got a movie!

Eric dressed Gwen last night in the outfit I have been avoiding. As you can tell, Gwen was not pleased! Doesn't it just make you proud...she already knows the Packers are NOT her team.

In other news, I was talking with my neighbor whose wife had a baby mid-May. He told me that the other night was the first time they got a 4 hour block of sleeping out of the baby. Made me so proud. Gwen has been sleeping in 4 hour blocks at night since we brought her home. I guess it helps that my baby was 9lbs at birth, theirs was a week early by c-section, he still seems small to me and he has almost 2 months on Gwen. We haven't done a side-by side comparison yet, but we already know Gwen is a chunky monkey.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

First introduction to some of the family

This past Sat, my Mom's baby brother and family came to meet Gwen. They brought dinner and left us the left-overs...THANKS! We had a nice time with them. It was the first time I spent any time on the middle floor of the house. Unfortunately for them, Gwen was a tired baby who choose to spend most of the time sleeping. I think she did open her eyes briefly, but we don't have any proof. (at her Dr's visit this Monday, the Dr confirmed that Gwen was one of the most alert babies she has ever seen at the 1 week appointment. Most of them won't keep their eyes open long enough for the examination, but our baby did! She also weighed in at 8.12oz, we go back next week for another weight check)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Burping and other stuff

Most recently, the hardest thing to get this little one to do is burp. This makes the night feedings more of a challenge! Of course this morning I had to wake her, otherwise she probably would have gone more than the 5 hours it already was, and when you are breastfeeding, that isn't necessarily a good thing! But I glowingly digress, what is it that makes the burping take so long? I know it is not technique, Grandma doesn't have an easier time than I do. I read in a book that if it takes longer than 10 minutes, you don't have to burp her. When it takes so long to burp, she wakes up and wants to eat more, doesn't that just defeat the purpose of trying to burp!? I guess we will be asking the pediatrician today, at her first Dr's appt. Yes, today we will find out how much the chunky monkey has gained in a week.
Yesterday, Eric and I tried to leave the house with Gwen at home with Grandma, yes, it was my first outing since being home from the hossy. It was a successful trip out, we made it to our destination, but then had to come back home, before I could do any shopping. Stinkin' crying babies!
Today before Grandma leaves we will be downloading all of the pictures we have taken, so hopefully we will have some of the more recent photos up soon.
Eric goes back to work today, sorry that the bliss of caring for me and Gwen at home is over, now he must go back to work and face the fun of that...without me there! So by tomorrow it will just be me and Gwen, hangin' at home, hopefully eventually I will venture out for walks, since I was told I couldn't drive for 6 weeks! I will be calling the OB about that later, for sure!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Couple more pictures

Yesterday was a big day for baby Gwen, we took our first sponge bath! Today was a big day she met more of her family, Aunt Nanette, Uncle Bill, Sammy and JJ, not that she would stay awake. Pictures will follow later. We had a nice visit and hope to see them again soon, maybe Gwen will be more awake then.

Friday, July 14, 2006


would have been my parents' 34rd wedding anniversary.

We love you Grandma! We miss you Grandpa.


So, I know you are not going to believe me but I totally came online yesterday to do this, but we are having internet difficulties! So today, here are some pictures. I have WAY more, but they are on the other computer. (Some of them have to be cropped, my Mom's a nurse you know and I don't think you want to see everything!) So, here are some pictures from when our co-workers phone...I didn't ask his permission to publish, but I hope he won't mind!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well, for my loyal readers, thanks for checking back...sorry we didn't get back to you sooner. I will give the TMI information later, if you want it. The basic gyst is that I went into labor at about 4pm Sun. Went to the hossy at 2:30am. And...the information that you have been waiting for is:
Gwenyth Lynn was born 2:39 pm. She was 8lbs. 15.5oz. 21 inches long.
I did w/o drugs with Eric, Mom, and doula present. I couldn't have done it without them. Of course the times of how long I pushed and did crap I really have no idea, so I might not give more TMI. Our big beautiful baby is finally here and we were checked out of the hossy today. Pictures will hopefully follow tomorrow.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

still no baby

Picked my Mom up from the airport...sorry not hossy. And walked around Baltimore. Today we went shopping still no baby. Hopefully one day soon!

Friday, July 07, 2006

No baby

well, as you can see I am still at home, waiting for baby. The hubby and I did go see Pirates II today, loud noise apparently does not bother baby and walked 2 miles. Still no baby. So, have a great weekend. We pick up Grandma to be at the hossy tomorrow (unless we miraculously go into labor, but at this point fat chance!)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Induction update

Hi all-
Here is the update on what has happened. We are at home. Took about 2-3 hours, starting at 6 this morning when I had to call the hossy to make sure they had an appointment for me. They wanted me to report at admitance between 7:30 & 8am. We arrived, became admitted and got hooked up to the monitors. Baby looked good, strong heartbeat, good beat. Monitor on my uterus showed contractions. Surprisingly enough, I never actually felt them. I did notice, after I had the contraction the baby started moving, so I could tell by the baby's movement not by my pain. The nurse we had seemed very nice. I wanted to make sure what yesterday's Dr told me still held true at the hossy. The nurse did agree with everything the doctor told me...if the induction wouldn't take I would be allowed to go home. I would be allowed to get up after 2 hours. For the first hour I couldn't get up even to pee, the second hour they would use to monitor the baby. The nurse then left to speak the to Dr about starting the induction. After quite some time the nurse came back with the stuff. She asked if we wanted to go through with this induction because 2 of our other Dr's had been in the hall discussing why I was even there. Baby is not in distress, I am healthy. I say ok, lets not do this, I mean if the baby is comfortable and not ready, lets give her a couple more days. So the Dr comes in says why are you here? I said Dr. S wasn't comfortable with letting me go over my due date. She said, well we are all concerned with letting you go too long, but your baby's heartrate is good, all is good, I am comfortable sending you home. She checked me first and tried to get the juices flowing. She asked us to meet her at the L&D desk to schedule the induction for next week. So, we have scheduled a test Mon to make sure baby is still ok, and if I don't get into labor they will induce next Wed. But the prediction is I will be in labor before then. So here's hoping! As we were leaving the nurses were all cheering, made me feel better. They were saying good for you, go home and let this happen naturally. Eric wasn't sure it was a good sign they were cheering, he thinks that they would only cheer if they didn't like me a glad I was going home. I guess this was just like a dry run for us, kind of like false labor without the embarrassment. Stay tuned for the labor update. But for now, just some walking and relaxing and leftovers.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

T+5 days

Eric made a startling discovery this weekend, I am passed the due date and no longer in the T- countdown. I am now T +! We pretty much spent most of the morning at the Dr. He was pretty concerned that we should start with the induction tomorrow, not wanting me to go any longer past my due date. I was pretty nervous about going for the induction, being that I don't really want any drugs at all. He said that I am still thick, not totally ready like I thought the other Dr told me last week. So, he suggested the prostaglandin tomorrow, if it doesn't work, I can go home...they don't have to start the pit. He also said I could get up and move around after an hour or so. Talking to the doula after the appointment she said she has never heard of them sending someone home if the gel doesn't work. I am going to have to make sure that they will let me go home if that doesn't work, or allow me to hobble over to radiology and do the non-stress test and other things, if that doesn't work out. Whatever. I am still hoping that I will miraculously go into labor on my own tonight, but since none of the know 'natural labor inducers' have worked, do I have much of a chance?

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Still pregnant! I thought Amy would like to know! I realize at this point my body is ready, but the baby is not. Kind of like waiting for something you know is coming like Christmas. You have the tree up, all the presents purchased and the Christmas cards out, but you are waiting on Christmas. At least Christmas you know what date it will be! Looking back over my temperature charts I realize the actual due date is closer to July 4th, so I am not actually late, but I am impatient! Knowing that the little one just needs a little more time, doesn't settle me. I remember when Eric and I were trying to get pregnant. He just couldn't understand why I wanted to know IMMEDIATELY if I was pregnant, why I just couldn't wait until the missed period. This is totally the same thing. Does it mean anything to wait another couple days for my little one, no...but I want to be done with this now. In Church this morning, I was thinking I should start looking into exorcism, but isn't that really the same thing as an induction? Yesterday we walked 1.5 miles in the morning. We then walked for another 2 hours that evening and still nothing. Even though everyone suggests that, I don't think that is going to work for me. We walk all the time. I just have to figure out what thing I should plan non-refundable that would cause me loose money or miss something cool. Maybe Eric and I should plan to go to DC for the 4th. I have always wanted to do that. It would be a mad house, but wouldn't that be a great story if I did happen to go into labor.