Thursday, July 06, 2006

Induction update

Hi all-
Here is the update on what has happened. We are at home. Took about 2-3 hours, starting at 6 this morning when I had to call the hossy to make sure they had an appointment for me. They wanted me to report at admitance between 7:30 & 8am. We arrived, became admitted and got hooked up to the monitors. Baby looked good, strong heartbeat, good beat. Monitor on my uterus showed contractions. Surprisingly enough, I never actually felt them. I did notice, after I had the contraction the baby started moving, so I could tell by the baby's movement not by my pain. The nurse we had seemed very nice. I wanted to make sure what yesterday's Dr told me still held true at the hossy. The nurse did agree with everything the doctor told me...if the induction wouldn't take I would be allowed to go home. I would be allowed to get up after 2 hours. For the first hour I couldn't get up even to pee, the second hour they would use to monitor the baby. The nurse then left to speak the to Dr about starting the induction. After quite some time the nurse came back with the stuff. She asked if we wanted to go through with this induction because 2 of our other Dr's had been in the hall discussing why I was even there. Baby is not in distress, I am healthy. I say ok, lets not do this, I mean if the baby is comfortable and not ready, lets give her a couple more days. So the Dr comes in says why are you here? I said Dr. S wasn't comfortable with letting me go over my due date. She said, well we are all concerned with letting you go too long, but your baby's heartrate is good, all is good, I am comfortable sending you home. She checked me first and tried to get the juices flowing. She asked us to meet her at the L&D desk to schedule the induction for next week. So, we have scheduled a test Mon to make sure baby is still ok, and if I don't get into labor they will induce next Wed. But the prediction is I will be in labor before then. So here's hoping! As we were leaving the nurses were all cheering, made me feel better. They were saying good for you, go home and let this happen naturally. Eric wasn't sure it was a good sign they were cheering, he thinks that they would only cheer if they didn't like me a glad I was going home. I guess this was just like a dry run for us, kind of like false labor without the embarrassment. Stay tuned for the labor update. But for now, just some walking and relaxing and leftovers.


Liesa said...

You go girl!! We're hoping your little girl decides to come out on her own soon!

Continue to keep us posted!!

Amy F. said...

Good choice Mel...Unless your baby is a GIANT like mine I don't see why you can't go over your due date. Hopefully she'll decide to make her appearance before next Wednesday! :o)

Mel said...

Amy-our doula had a 9lb baby and she is only 5'2. So, you never know how big your baby could be!