Saturday, July 22, 2006

Family outing

Thursday we took Gwen out for her first outing. Our stroller has a carriage feature so we could lay her in there and go for a little walk. Unfortunately, I still can't walk very far, walk around up and down the stairs here, yes, but going for a walk is a different story. We went out last night also, this time we upped the ante and walked to Blockbuster and got a movie!

Eric dressed Gwen last night in the outfit I have been avoiding. As you can tell, Gwen was not pleased! Doesn't it just make you proud...she already knows the Packers are NOT her team.

In other news, I was talking with my neighbor whose wife had a baby mid-May. He told me that the other night was the first time they got a 4 hour block of sleeping out of the baby. Made me so proud. Gwen has been sleeping in 4 hour blocks at night since we brought her home. I guess it helps that my baby was 9lbs at birth, theirs was a week early by c-section, he still seems small to me and he has almost 2 months on Gwen. We haven't done a side-by side comparison yet, but we already know Gwen is a chunky monkey.

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