Sunday, July 23, 2006

Last night

I made my first panicked call to the Dr last night. Gwen was acted fussy and the only way we could soothe her was by feeding (a pacifier would not soothe her either, I tried!). After 3 hours of that, I called the Dr. Who, called us back 20 minutes later and was no help. I had taken her temp, normal, given her gas drops; but nothing helped. So at 12:30, Eric and I hopped in the car and drove around for an hour. I think she would have been fine during the car ride had we not gone higher in elevation. She was fine until we hit the mountain, then she started crying. I finally got her soothed with the pacifier and we had turned around so she got upset again. When we finally got home and feed her, she went right out. YEA! Today, she has been pretty 'normal'. I don't know what was bothering her last night, but I am hoping that we don't have another night like that for quite some time! (I told you she was just showing off for Grandma.)
In other news, her umbilical cord fell off today. It has been hanging by a thread for days. I am so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore!


Liesa said...

Your first call of many as a mom! Drew did that (he was fine the first couple weeks at home). He would cry for 1-2 hours every evening from around 6pm-8pm. The good thing? They outgrow all of it. Fast. Just think, you'll all be sleeping through the night soon. I always said the first six months are tiring, the rest is cake. She is so cute!!!!!

Mel said...

she was fussy again last night, most of the is a good thing she is so cute, b/c we were wondering if someone would take her! Only at night, you understand. We see the Dr tomorrow for a weight check. Guess I have some Q's for him!