Friday, July 14, 2006


So, I know you are not going to believe me but I totally came online yesterday to do this, but we are having internet difficulties! So today, here are some pictures. I have WAY more, but they are on the other computer. (Some of them have to be cropped, my Mom's a nurse you know and I don't think you want to see everything!) So, here are some pictures from when our co-workers phone...I didn't ask his permission to publish, but I hope he won't mind!



Brian S said...

Well let me see...that will be $10 per picture, plus a penalty for publishing without my permission, that makes $5,000...=) Just kidding!!! I'm glad you used those pics to put up on the website. Let me know if you want good ones...I do have a much better camera then the one on my phone. Well, congratulations once again. I look forwards to seeing you, Eric, and Gwen when you've had some more time to settle in at home.

Elaine said...

Congratulations to your new family! :)
Soon you will know why all the world smiles at pregnant women.

Blessings to all of you as you get used to your new, forever changed roles in life. It's a beautiful journey.

Elaine P. in Huntsville

Beth Williams said...

What a beautiful baby! We can see both of you in her. She is and will always be such a joy to you both!


Amy F. said...

Mel and Eric,
Congratulations again! Gwenyth is a cutie! I can't wait until me and Brian can meet her in person. Keep posting pictures and updates in your spare time....haha... :o)
Amy :o)

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