Monday, July 17, 2006

Burping and other stuff

Most recently, the hardest thing to get this little one to do is burp. This makes the night feedings more of a challenge! Of course this morning I had to wake her, otherwise she probably would have gone more than the 5 hours it already was, and when you are breastfeeding, that isn't necessarily a good thing! But I glowingly digress, what is it that makes the burping take so long? I know it is not technique, Grandma doesn't have an easier time than I do. I read in a book that if it takes longer than 10 minutes, you don't have to burp her. When it takes so long to burp, she wakes up and wants to eat more, doesn't that just defeat the purpose of trying to burp!? I guess we will be asking the pediatrician today, at her first Dr's appt. Yes, today we will find out how much the chunky monkey has gained in a week.
Yesterday, Eric and I tried to leave the house with Gwen at home with Grandma, yes, it was my first outing since being home from the hossy. It was a successful trip out, we made it to our destination, but then had to come back home, before I could do any shopping. Stinkin' crying babies!
Today before Grandma leaves we will be downloading all of the pictures we have taken, so hopefully we will have some of the more recent photos up soon.
Eric goes back to work today, sorry that the bliss of caring for me and Gwen at home is over, now he must go back to work and face the fun of that...without me there! So by tomorrow it will just be me and Gwen, hangin' at home, hopefully eventually I will venture out for walks, since I was told I couldn't drive for 6 weeks! I will be calling the OB about that later, for sure!


Amy F. said...

This is interesting....This is the one thing that my friend Alexa complains about too! (Her baby is about 6 weeks old now)....I never knew burping was such a big issue but I've been with her when she's tried to get him to burp and it's such an accomplishment when she gets a good one! People have been giving her all kinds of advice (of course) and she swears by one thing which I think is a little strange.....She rubs the soft spot on his head in circles and then burps him....She says it really works....It sounds like a strange wives tale to me (I'm so skeptical...haha)....but I guess it's worth a try! I didn't realize your mom was only staying for a week. :o( I hope she had a good trip....Enjoy your time with Gwen and sleep when she does!!

Pa & MaFitz said...

Melanie, Eric & Princess,

Gwen is so beautiful!

We love your site!

Bob & Joan

Mel said...

wait until you try breastfeeding! OUCH! We did have 1 successful burp today.

Beth said...

Hi Melanie,
I have never responded to a blog site before so I am venturing out to learn more things and keep what brain cells I have left functional.
Your baby girl is so sweet!
When I worked in the neonatal ICU, I had problems burping sometimes too. I think what worked the best for me was a position change for the baby, after patting their little back for a while. Some times going from an upright position to laying tummy down on my lap helped with mine. I don't think I always got a burp. When you do get that burp it does leave some room in the tummy for more milk. We bottle fed breast milk and formula on the unit.
I hope you are doing alright and getting some rest too.
Beth L.

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