Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not much

I haven't posted in a while because now that I have my freedom to leave the house, we have done just that. Gwen and I now go places and do stuff. This morning we went to the Mommy & Me WW, which just means that screaming kids are welcome. Thank goodness. Our child of course, did a little screaming, ok fussing.
I took these pictures last week so Eric could have one at his desk. This is one of his favorite outfits, he thinks that pants on her look like MC Hammer pants from the 80's. I think though, now that she has gotten bigger they actually fit right! I got a couple good shot, a couple bad ones. One day I guess I will have to take her somewhere to get her pictures made professionally.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Here are some more pictures of Gwen. She is becoming more responsive and smiling. She even follows objects better. It is certainly a lot better when she smiles at you, even if I know she is going to start screaming soon. The smiling is the calm before the storm! She really enjoys if you make faces at her and she often makes faces of her own in response.

The last picture is from the sling. This past week I went back to Weight Watchers, ugh! I have 25 lbs to lose in 12 weeks, before I have to start paying again. I don't think I can maintain a 2 lb a week weight loss, plus they don't recommend that, so we'll see how I do. They have a Mommy & Me meeting, we are going to try that one this week. I also signed up for our "New Mommy Get Togethers" that we get to go to for free since Eric & I went to those childbirth classes. They are 3 Wed in a row in Sept. Hope I meet some cool new Moms! I think Eric is happy I am getting a schedule together! I am starting to feel normal again, less sad and happily I don't freak out anymore if she is crying uncontrollably and she has been feed and changed. I pop her in the sling and we walk the mile loop. I certainly can't wait for the cool fall breezes, a black sling is HOT in summer!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The elusive smile

It is hard to get a good photo of the elusive smile when she is sitting in my lap, but these are the faces we go through when we are 'talking'. I think she is just trying to charm me before she becomes a pain. It is a good thing she is so cute or we would be giving her away to the gypsies and I think she knows it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last of the good pictures

I've had a comment that the pictures have been of a better caliber since Terry was visiting. So, I will post the last of these pictures and assure you that as our baby begins to smile and communicate more I will try to get more pictures, of a better caliber. Gwen really likes to stand and look at you. Sometimes, if you make faces at her, she will smile and coo.

I snapped this picture real quick, as Terry was on the move, by far Gwen's favorite thing. If she's not eating, she wants to be on the move! Today I proved that point, Gwen had fallen asleep in my arms, silly me decided to get up and she woke up. Being interupted from this nap, we were very fussy. So, I put her in the sling and did the 1 mile loop, being that it was 5p, hot and I haven't done that much hill work I decided to come home. As soon as I walked in the door, she woke up, and was irritated. So, I guess as long as it is not raining I will be getting some exercise! I wonder if this is a new trend or related to the fact that Gwen was immunized yesterday?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dr's appointment

Here is our weight/height update:
10lbs 5oz. (50-75%)
23 in. (90-95%)
But, she was very good during her appointment Dr said everything looks good!
She is long and lean and crying to eat...so I must go!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Grandma pictures

Grandma arrived safely Thurs night, although Gwen and I were sound asleep when she arrived. But the next day, Gwen was introduced to her other Grandma. I have to say Gwen, hasn't been too terrible. A lot fussy here and there, but I expect that is to be expected. Grandma has found that you can't hold our Gwen and sit on the couch, you must keep moving. Everytime Terry goes to sit down, Gwen starts to fuss. Once you start walking with her, you must continue to walk with her.

Yesterday we went to visit Great Grandma. Surprisingly enough Gwen was pretty good, she slept pretty solidly through the car ride, except for the first 15 minutes. (I am convinced that there is something on that one stretch of road that bothers her, because that is exactly where she cried last time I drove her). We have some pictures with Great Grandma. She hardly fussed and even smiled at Edie. Now I am paying the price for the solid sleeper. She is wide awake and cooing at the swing.

I really don't know what is going on with my hair in this picture. I really need a haircut!
I don't really know where we were going here, but doesn't she look cute in this picture.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dr's visit

Today I had my check-up. I have been cleared to return to work the week after next. Thank goodness for FMLA, otherwise I would have to return to work soon. AH! I can't imagine. Anyway, on an interesting note, my Dr, that delivered my baby is due with her own child in Nov. I can't believe we didn't notice, I mean she would have been 5 months or so and we didn't notice!? She said she was real proud of me she knew I didn't want any drugs and asked me to leave her the name of the doula at the desk. She was also amazed by the sling, all the nurses were, they had apparently never seen one and had no idea I was nursing. The Dr wanted to know how to use it and where I got it. She even gave me a hug. Very bizarre, so bizarre, I forgot to ask her about my placenta being tested. Most of been okay though or she would have mentioned it, yes? So bizarre, I missed my exit on the way home, or maybe it was because I haven't driven in so long. Who knows.
So, Eric is on his way to pick up his Mom, her flight has arrived. Hopefully, he made it in time. We used the new washer and the fast spin cycle made the whole house shake. Don't know if it was over stuffed or if it is just crazy washer. I am trying less clothes and slower spin.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last night's pictures

These are the most up-to-date pictures of our little one. I figured if I was going to leave you with pictures of her they better be the most recent ones we have! She is still being a pretty good kid. We ventured outside again today. We just walked to the end of the road and back. I think it is still a little too hot/too bright to have her out for a long time, plus I noticed she was hungry and although I had her in the sling, we weren't geared correctly for outdoor feeding. But, I thought it would be a good idea for us to be in the habit of getting fresh air everyday, just to keep my sanity! Here are some of her expressions. Many of you might be familiar with I am hungry!

I haven't figured this one out yet, bored maybe, or deer in headlights?

She obviously does not like the bunny ears. Seriously, we did nothing to her, Eric just said watch this and she got mad.
Finally, talking to Daddy!
I'll try to pop on after her appt on Friday to let you know about her weight gain. I am pretty sure she is growing, the question is how much!?

Photos by Eric

Today I dowloaded pictures from the camera with the intention to post. I still intend to post those pictures, but I was side tracked by these photos by the hubby. Apparently in the last couple of days he found the camera and was amusing himself by taking pictures. I was also amused, but as you can see by Gwen's reaction, she was not so amused. Since I am posting pictures by Eric, I will also include this picture my Mom should have found on her camera that Eric also took, many of you might have already seen it, but still it should probably be documented for the rest of you. The outfit she is wearing by the way will soon be going away. Gwen is almost to long for this outfit. The sleeves fit perfect and the bottom of the one piece rides a little high.

I don't know, maybe Eric will want to defend his pictures. They were not in the 'to not to be distributed' pile, so they are far game, yes?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy week

I haven't written here in a couple days, I just want to say, no we have not died, we are surviving. As a fatter of fact, Gwen and I ventured out of the house today, by ourselves! We went to Church. She woke up and was rather content, so I thought what the heck. I brought the sling and put her in that instead of lugging around the car seat. My Church, you see, is in the middle of downtown, so there is no parking lot. I think lugging her around in the car seat would be no fun and most other people use a stroller and leave that outside. I not ready to leave the stroller outside, but the sling worked well. I even was able to keep her quiet and I didn't flash anyone! I know she would have fussed in the car seat. She associates the car seat with moving, even if we have popped the car seat on a cart, we must keep moving. This afternoon has still been a struggle to get her to sleep. I know she is tired! She'll nod off for a couple seconds then wake up irritated. UGH! So, I guess the lesson to learn from this is, everything I want to accomplish I most do early. This is going to make for an interesting Thurs. The crazy business of our week starts Thurs, truly the only busy day we have this week. I have my follow-up appt with the Dr in the afternoon. Sometime during the day we will be receiving our new washer and Grandma arrives late Thurs. Friday is Gwen's 1 month appt where she receives her first round of shots. (sorry Terry!) I know my follow-up appt is a week early, her 1 month appt is a week late. So, blogging will likely be light after tomorrow/Thurs, when I will hopefully be able to put up some pictures to tide you over.
As usual yesterday was a good morning, but the afternoon goes much like my afternoons, where I basically have to sit with this fussy girl trying to get her to sleep until Eric comes home and I can get a longer break. On the exciting front, I can cross-stitch and sit with her, ok maybe only backstitch, but I did finish Gwen's cross-stitch for washing. After it is washed I have some 'embellishments' to add and then we can get it framed and hanging in her room! Yea! But, now what am I going to do with my free hand? I guess I will continue to read. Anyone know any good books? Hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks we can get this little girl to sleep during the day, she sleeps so well at night, I wouldn't complain, except that she is rather cranky!
I almost forgot to mention, in the last couple of days, maybe even the week, Eric and I have noticed Gwen becoming more communicative...a real blessing not to listen to all those cries, but coos. She really does watch her mobile on her swing and coos at it. So cute. Too bad we can't put up video. I also caught her sucking her thumb, but she hasn't done it since and I didn't have the camera close by. When she realized that didn't give her any food she tried her 4th & 5th fingers, but that didn't work out for her either.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More pictures

The site wouldn't let me add all the pictures to the previous entry.
The rolling over pictures.
Playing with the digital camera options.

Recent pictures

Here are some of the recent pictures. I finally got a picture with her head up!

From the Godfather's visit.


It has been several days since I posted. Mostly because I have been not in a good place. These last days have been tough. Why, because no matter what you know, what you read, and what others tell you, if you have a baby crying for what you think is no reason, you are bound to think it is something you have done incorrectly and that is why your baby is acting crazy. This has been my problem over the last couple of days. (Despite this I have showered everyday this week!) It had gotten so bad that Eric stayed home with me yesterday, he sensed I was going insane. The day before that started out as a good day, Gwen was happy, seemingly well adjusted and during 'tummy time' she rolled from her belly to her back, twice! I had thought it was a fluke before, but 2x in one session!? That can not be a fluke. I almost got a picture. I was so excited. After that the content baby became a fuss bucket, the likes of which brought me to my knees. Yesterday, Eric understood why I am so tired by the end of the day no matter how much I sleep. It is rather draining. While we were in the middle of a feeding section I started doing more reading in one of my books. It was a section on fussy/colicky/high-need babies. This section described the Gwen we have been dealing with. High-need, likes to be held, cuddled and often wants to feed frequently. AH! Eric and I were astounded to read something that describes her so perfectly! This explains why during the day, when I try to put her down for a nap she often wakes up immediately after we put her down (even if I wait until she is in "deep sleep"). But, just to be sure it is not a food allergy I have stopped eating diary and wheat. We will see if that helps any. I tell you just my luck she would have a problem with cheese and onions. I don't think I will be able to make us dinner, Eric says it is not a meal I have cooked without one or both of those items. Her baby acne has gotten pretty bad and it makes me want to go to the store and buy acne cream, but I know the harsh chemicals would not help. It is not a huge surprise that a child of mine has a skin problem, my excema has been flaring up on my hands for quite some time now. Apparently the best thing for high needs babies is to put them in the sling and go about your day. I have been trying that, but frankly she is not so conducive to the sling, if she is unhappy when I put her in there. So, I guess I should try it out now, when I have calm and sleeping. They also suggest baby massage. I guess I will have to try that also. I don't have any baby oil, but I think they also suggested olive oil, um, for sure I will have to recheck on that b/c I am not sure I am ready to slather Gwen in olive oil! I'll let you know how this evening goes.

Monday, August 07, 2006

1 month

Today Gwen is 1 month old. Hard to believe, yes? I can barely remember the labor and delivery experience, I just remember that it was uncomfortable and when they put Gwen on my chest, I thought holy crap she is heavy. Truly, I think that was my first thought, after I thought, this baby can't be mine, she is too dark. The lighting in the delivery room was such that I had mistaken her bluish color for a dark skin color. Oh, the fun memories, I will admit now.
This weekend we had a visit from the Godfather and Brooke. If Brooke had wanted to hold the baby she could not because The Godfather held her the hold time. And, true to Gwen's form, she pretty much slept the whole time. I think she awoke for about 20 minutes, but she wasn't happy because she apparently was still hungry. We have some pictures, I will post later.
Today, I might be closer to figuring out how to deal with Gwen. Last night she was driving me crazy with the no sleep thing so Eric and I took her for a drive. She slept soundly we even got to walk around Lowe's and Home Depot, pricing Washers. But when we got home she was hungry and fussy again. I think I did finally get her to sleep at a decent hour, but she has been a cranky eater today. She woke up today at about 8 and wouldn't go back to sleep, except for a couple minutes her or there so I decided to try the sling at 12ish it is now an hour later and she is still out cold! YEAH! I can use my hands to do stuff, walk around the house, eat and even use the restroom without listening to her cry. Now, if I could just figure out how to shower and take a nap life would be good. Well, she's waking up, time to change her diaper and feed her.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Last night was not so bad. Eric took Gwen for a ride about midnight, and she slept soundly until about 2a. Now, why didn't she do that for me. I took a nap while they were gone. She slept good again last night, only waking every 3hrs and going back to sleep immediately after she is done eating. I wonder what today will be like. Gwen and Eric are still sleeping...I am awake and hungry, so I thought I would post pictures while I am eating.
This first picture is of her 'skydiving legs'.

I know this is fuzzy, but the swing was moving and I wanted to get a picture of her watching the mobile.

Here is another 'tummy time' picture. One day I will actually catch her with her head up! Some funny pictures with Daddy. Hopefully raising her in this state won't turn her into a crab!

Friday, August 04, 2006

About last night

Last night was a pretty terrible night for us. Gwen was squealing. Not just screaming but that crazy high pitched cry that makes you feel like a bad parent. I suspect she was just over tired because she had been up most of the day without sleeping. I find that I have a really hard time soothing her to sleep in the afternoon, all she wants to do is eat, but yesterday she was awake at 9am and didn't go back to sleep. Very unusual for her. When it was time to start to get her to sleep all she wanted to do was eat constantly and we would walk the house and she would not be soothed. I finally (at midnight) decided to take her for a drive. Yes, me who is not supposed to drive but my child was squealing, my husband was sound asleep and I was at my wits end. So I drove for about 15 minutes on the highway before she started to squeal again (I put it on cruise so I didn't actually do a lot of physical driving) so I pulled off and feed her for about 15 min and drove back home, as soon as I pulled her out of the car she started to squeal again, but I successfully got her into the house and feed and she finally went to sleep. Do you know that it was still a hot and humid 80 deg at midnight?
Today she slept until about 12:30 and we had the same problem we have had every day, she wants to eat constantly and she won't sleep. I took her for a walk outside at about 5p and she was crying and crying after about 15 minutes. Is it normal for her to be awake for 6 hours without sleeping? I can put her down briefly so I can pee, but she always cries. I hope that I can look back at these posts in the NEAR future and they are a distant memory that I will have forgotten. Eric and I did get some fun play time out of her today when he was home for lunch, but after he left she was a real pain. I just finally got her to sleep and Eric took her for a walk, so after this post I am taking a nap! I am probably going to need my strength tonight. Oh and today, just for posterity I am going to mention that she both peed and pooped on me today in one changing. I was holding up her legs to wipe her and she projectile pooped and then before I could finish cleaning up the poop she peed! A great time had by all!
Well, I tried to post some pictures, but it they won't add to the page, sorry. I guess you will just have to wait until later.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The internal debate

So lately I have been having a debate with myself. It seems that Gwen now wants to eat constantly all afternoon long. It is more of what we might call grazing, or being lazy. Where she will eat fall asleep and then want to eat soon after. In the beginning I was ok with this because I could catch naps and I really thought she was hungry. Let's face it, after 3p it is hard to listen to her squeal just for no reason, she's not really hungry, has a clean diaper and seems not to have anything bugging her. I don't really get an opportunity to put her down in the afternoon because about 30 minutes (if I am lucky) after I put her down she starts to cry. I am pretty sure she is just overly tired and I would like to be able to soothe her to sleep without having to feed her or be able to lay her down and not have her wake up. I have tried our baby sling, but frankly every time I try it she cries. I don't know if she is just not used to it or she just doesn't like the way she is positioned or if she just doesn't like not being able to see where she is. But my arms hurt from having to hold her constantly. I don't know about you, but I am so not able to sit in one place for 4 hours without having to get up. UGH!
Today was the first day I really tried to make sure we were on more of schedule, not just sitting in one place watching tv, because truly there is really nothing worth watching. I have tried to do my best to keep her awake for her feedings, and only feeding every 1.5-2hours. We only had one real problem spot where she seemed to want to eat for a long time, like she wasn't getting enough. But then by 4:30 I was pretty exhausted and she was crying, but tired, not hungry. I could only pace for so long, I tried to use a pacifier (which only gave short breaks, very hard to pace, pat the back, hold the baby and keep pacifier in mouth simultaneously). But after about a 1/2 hour, actually maybe it was closer to an hour, I couldn't take anymore and let her eat, it was close to time, but she didn't get much sleep. I know in my gut this is the right thing to do, but man is it draining. I am sure eventually I am going to want to leave the house in the afternoon (of course not right now when it is over 100). I am thinking that this tyke is going to be hard to get down for naps and might forgo them altogether.
On the more humorous side of today, when we did tummy time, she was so funny, instead of lifting her head she lifts her legs, kind of reminding me of position we were supposed to be in when I went skydiving. I know she has good head control, not total head control, but we will get there. I know for sure when she was in the swing she was watching the mobile, I saw her eyes following it, I wish I could get a picture of that. Well, Eric's home, dinner's almost ready and he has Gwen and she is not crying! She'll most likely wait until I get my plate of yummy hot food, they have a sixth sense about that, don't they?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Working day

Today at about 10am the power went out at our house. So Eric came home and picked us up at about 12 so we weren't sitting in the house without power. I tell you it is a pain to be sitting at your former place of business trying to keep an overly fussy baby quiet. Finally after 2.5 hours I got her to take a nap. Which is great, because we hardly slept last night.
She woke up before I could finish this entry and now she is with Daddy. She seems pretty alert so we might try tummy time again.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This weekend was more learning about the personality of our lovely Gwen. We found that if given the opportunity she will eat all day. We also found that she loves to walk the stairs of our house with her Daddy. He turns up the iPOD if she is crying and he swears she already has music preferences. He also rocked her in his video chair, when he got tired of walking! Thank goodness for those things, now we have a 'rocking chair' on each floor!

Gwen is really starting to follow objects with her eyes. Today I spied her looking at the mobile above her swing. We also started 'tummy time'. She is having more control over her head. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that so much, mostly of her eating the catepillar, but what can I say I am new at this. I am really disappointed though, because she rolled herself right off the catepillar and I was so shocked I missed that picture opportunity also, you will just have to fill in the blanks with the pictures I did get.
I pulled her up a little after this picture and she played for a couple minutes with the mat before the roll over. (Do you think her hair has gotten lighter? I can't tell as much in this picture, but she certainly has her Dad's hairline...he is the one that commented on it first, or I would have never written it here!)

As you can see she was just as shocked as I was!