Friday, August 04, 2006

About last night

Last night was a pretty terrible night for us. Gwen was squealing. Not just screaming but that crazy high pitched cry that makes you feel like a bad parent. I suspect she was just over tired because she had been up most of the day without sleeping. I find that I have a really hard time soothing her to sleep in the afternoon, all she wants to do is eat, but yesterday she was awake at 9am and didn't go back to sleep. Very unusual for her. When it was time to start to get her to sleep all she wanted to do was eat constantly and we would walk the house and she would not be soothed. I finally (at midnight) decided to take her for a drive. Yes, me who is not supposed to drive but my child was squealing, my husband was sound asleep and I was at my wits end. So I drove for about 15 minutes on the highway before she started to squeal again (I put it on cruise so I didn't actually do a lot of physical driving) so I pulled off and feed her for about 15 min and drove back home, as soon as I pulled her out of the car she started to squeal again, but I successfully got her into the house and feed and she finally went to sleep. Do you know that it was still a hot and humid 80 deg at midnight?
Today she slept until about 12:30 and we had the same problem we have had every day, she wants to eat constantly and she won't sleep. I took her for a walk outside at about 5p and she was crying and crying after about 15 minutes. Is it normal for her to be awake for 6 hours without sleeping? I can put her down briefly so I can pee, but she always cries. I hope that I can look back at these posts in the NEAR future and they are a distant memory that I will have forgotten. Eric and I did get some fun play time out of her today when he was home for lunch, but after he left she was a real pain. I just finally got her to sleep and Eric took her for a walk, so after this post I am taking a nap! I am probably going to need my strength tonight. Oh and today, just for posterity I am going to mention that she both peed and pooped on me today in one changing. I was holding up her legs to wipe her and she projectile pooped and then before I could finish cleaning up the poop she peed! A great time had by all!
Well, I tried to post some pictures, but it they won't add to the page, sorry. I guess you will just have to wait until later.


Amy F. said...

Wow.....Maybe I'm not ready for this motherhood thing...Who would have thought it would be so hard to get your baby to go to sleep?!? I'm scared now! What does your doctor say? The projectile poop and pee made me chuckle a bit....but not too much...because I know it's coming for me....I know little boys pee on you ALL THE TIME! Who knew girls could too? Gwen has a special talent....Ok..I shouldn't joke....After lack of sleep and frustration trying to get her to sleep I'm sure that was the last straw....I hope things get better....I'm thinking about you a lot.....

When this baby comes in 3 weeks I'm sure I'll be calling you all the time crying from similar situations!

I hope tonight goes better!
Amy :o)

Mel said...

I've been told that you don't remember how hard the first couple of weeks are...probably b/c of a lack of sleep. I haven't talked to the Dr about this problem, b/c she is not running a fever, is mostly content, just really tired looking. The last couple of nights when we do get her to sleep she sleeps for 12 hrs waking every 3 can I complain about that.
I reiterate you will be fine, I know you have the maternal instinct to do GREAT. But, do call if you need to.