Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dr's visit

Today I had my check-up. I have been cleared to return to work the week after next. Thank goodness for FMLA, otherwise I would have to return to work soon. AH! I can't imagine. Anyway, on an interesting note, my Dr, that delivered my baby is due with her own child in Nov. I can't believe we didn't notice, I mean she would have been 5 months or so and we didn't notice!? She said she was real proud of me she knew I didn't want any drugs and asked me to leave her the name of the doula at the desk. She was also amazed by the sling, all the nurses were, they had apparently never seen one and had no idea I was nursing. The Dr wanted to know how to use it and where I got it. She even gave me a hug. Very bizarre, so bizarre, I forgot to ask her about my placenta being tested. Most of been okay though or she would have mentioned it, yes? So bizarre, I missed my exit on the way home, or maybe it was because I haven't driven in so long. Who knows.
So, Eric is on his way to pick up his Mom, her flight has arrived. Hopefully, he made it in time. We used the new washer and the fast spin cycle made the whole house shake. Don't know if it was over stuffed or if it is just crazy washer. I am trying less clothes and slower spin.


Beth L. said...

Your pictures are great. I have not looked at your site in a while. Speaking of the sling, we swaddled our babies in the nursery and it always settled them down. If Gwen gets fussy at night even after eating you should give it a try and see if it helps.

Beth L.

Beth L. said...

We did not use a sling to swaddle them though just a thin cotton baby blanket.