Saturday, August 05, 2006


Last night was not so bad. Eric took Gwen for a ride about midnight, and she slept soundly until about 2a. Now, why didn't she do that for me. I took a nap while they were gone. She slept good again last night, only waking every 3hrs and going back to sleep immediately after she is done eating. I wonder what today will be like. Gwen and Eric are still sleeping...I am awake and hungry, so I thought I would post pictures while I am eating.
This first picture is of her 'skydiving legs'.

I know this is fuzzy, but the swing was moving and I wanted to get a picture of her watching the mobile.

Here is another 'tummy time' picture. One day I will actually catch her with her head up! Some funny pictures with Daddy. Hopefully raising her in this state won't turn her into a crab!

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