Saturday, August 26, 2006


Here are some more pictures of Gwen. She is becoming more responsive and smiling. She even follows objects better. It is certainly a lot better when she smiles at you, even if I know she is going to start screaming soon. The smiling is the calm before the storm! She really enjoys if you make faces at her and she often makes faces of her own in response.

The last picture is from the sling. This past week I went back to Weight Watchers, ugh! I have 25 lbs to lose in 12 weeks, before I have to start paying again. I don't think I can maintain a 2 lb a week weight loss, plus they don't recommend that, so we'll see how I do. They have a Mommy & Me meeting, we are going to try that one this week. I also signed up for our "New Mommy Get Togethers" that we get to go to for free since Eric & I went to those childbirth classes. They are 3 Wed in a row in Sept. Hope I meet some cool new Moms! I think Eric is happy I am getting a schedule together! I am starting to feel normal again, less sad and happily I don't freak out anymore if she is crying uncontrollably and she has been feed and changed. I pop her in the sling and we walk the mile loop. I certainly can't wait for the cool fall breezes, a black sling is HOT in summer!


Dawn said...

She keeps getting cuter and cuter...glad to hear things are getting better--that will continue.

Joan said...

What a looker!! Can't wait to see the Princess!!(and of course, her Mommy!!)

Mel said...

Thanks, to you both. Dawn-I hope we get a chance to see you in FL; Joan-I know we will see you! :)