Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Photos by Eric

Today I dowloaded pictures from the camera with the intention to post. I still intend to post those pictures, but I was side tracked by these photos by the hubby. Apparently in the last couple of days he found the camera and was amusing himself by taking pictures. I was also amused, but as you can see by Gwen's reaction, she was not so amused. Since I am posting pictures by Eric, I will also include this picture my Mom should have found on her camera that Eric also took, many of you might have already seen it, but still it should probably be documented for the rest of you. The outfit she is wearing by the way will soon be going away. Gwen is almost to long for this outfit. The sleeves fit perfect and the bottom of the one piece rides a little high.

I don't know, maybe Eric will want to defend his pictures. They were not in the 'to not to be distributed' pile, so they are far game, yes?

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