Monday, August 07, 2006

1 month

Today Gwen is 1 month old. Hard to believe, yes? I can barely remember the labor and delivery experience, I just remember that it was uncomfortable and when they put Gwen on my chest, I thought holy crap she is heavy. Truly, I think that was my first thought, after I thought, this baby can't be mine, she is too dark. The lighting in the delivery room was such that I had mistaken her bluish color for a dark skin color. Oh, the fun memories, I will admit now.
This weekend we had a visit from the Godfather and Brooke. If Brooke had wanted to hold the baby she could not because The Godfather held her the hold time. And, true to Gwen's form, she pretty much slept the whole time. I think she awoke for about 20 minutes, but she wasn't happy because she apparently was still hungry. We have some pictures, I will post later.
Today, I might be closer to figuring out how to deal with Gwen. Last night she was driving me crazy with the no sleep thing so Eric and I took her for a drive. She slept soundly we even got to walk around Lowe's and Home Depot, pricing Washers. But when we got home she was hungry and fussy again. I think I did finally get her to sleep at a decent hour, but she has been a cranky eater today. She woke up today at about 8 and wouldn't go back to sleep, except for a couple minutes her or there so I decided to try the sling at 12ish it is now an hour later and she is still out cold! YEAH! I can use my hands to do stuff, walk around the house, eat and even use the restroom without listening to her cry. Now, if I could just figure out how to shower and take a nap life would be good. Well, she's waking up, time to change her diaper and feed her.

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Tatiana said...

I can't beleive she is already a month old. That is cool! I used to try to take a shower int he after noon quickly while she was in the swing or taking a cat nap. If she was in the swing, I would put the monitor, and just take a 5 minute shower. Hard to believe that a shower is such a treasured thing by new mothers. I hope the sleeping thing goes better.