Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last of the good pictures

I've had a comment that the pictures have been of a better caliber since Terry was visiting. So, I will post the last of these pictures and assure you that as our baby begins to smile and communicate more I will try to get more pictures, of a better caliber. Gwen really likes to stand and look at you. Sometimes, if you make faces at her, she will smile and coo.

I snapped this picture real quick, as Terry was on the move, by far Gwen's favorite thing. If she's not eating, she wants to be on the move! Today I proved that point, Gwen had fallen asleep in my arms, silly me decided to get up and she woke up. Being interupted from this nap, we were very fussy. So, I put her in the sling and did the 1 mile loop, being that it was 5p, hot and I haven't done that much hill work I decided to come home. As soon as I walked in the door, she woke up, and was irritated. So, I guess as long as it is not raining I will be getting some exercise! I wonder if this is a new trend or related to the fact that Gwen was immunized yesterday?

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