Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy week

I haven't written here in a couple days, I just want to say, no we have not died, we are surviving. As a fatter of fact, Gwen and I ventured out of the house today, by ourselves! We went to Church. She woke up and was rather content, so I thought what the heck. I brought the sling and put her in that instead of lugging around the car seat. My Church, you see, is in the middle of downtown, so there is no parking lot. I think lugging her around in the car seat would be no fun and most other people use a stroller and leave that outside. I not ready to leave the stroller outside, but the sling worked well. I even was able to keep her quiet and I didn't flash anyone! I know she would have fussed in the car seat. She associates the car seat with moving, even if we have popped the car seat on a cart, we must keep moving. This afternoon has still been a struggle to get her to sleep. I know she is tired! She'll nod off for a couple seconds then wake up irritated. UGH! So, I guess the lesson to learn from this is, everything I want to accomplish I most do early. This is going to make for an interesting Thurs. The crazy business of our week starts Thurs, truly the only busy day we have this week. I have my follow-up appt with the Dr in the afternoon. Sometime during the day we will be receiving our new washer and Grandma arrives late Thurs. Friday is Gwen's 1 month appt where she receives her first round of shots. (sorry Terry!) I know my follow-up appt is a week early, her 1 month appt is a week late. So, blogging will likely be light after tomorrow/Thurs, when I will hopefully be able to put up some pictures to tide you over.
As usual yesterday was a good morning, but the afternoon goes much like my afternoons, where I basically have to sit with this fussy girl trying to get her to sleep until Eric comes home and I can get a longer break. On the exciting front, I can cross-stitch and sit with her, ok maybe only backstitch, but I did finish Gwen's cross-stitch for washing. After it is washed I have some 'embellishments' to add and then we can get it framed and hanging in her room! Yea! But, now what am I going to do with my free hand? I guess I will continue to read. Anyone know any good books? Hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks we can get this little girl to sleep during the day, she sleeps so well at night, I wouldn't complain, except that she is rather cranky!
I almost forgot to mention, in the last couple of days, maybe even the week, Eric and I have noticed Gwen becoming more communicative...a real blessing not to listen to all those cries, but coos. She really does watch her mobile on her swing and coos at it. So cute. Too bad we can't put up video. I also caught her sucking her thumb, but she hasn't done it since and I didn't have the camera close by. When she realized that didn't give her any food she tried her 4th & 5th fingers, but that didn't work out for her either.

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