Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This weekend was more learning about the personality of our lovely Gwen. We found that if given the opportunity she will eat all day. We also found that she loves to walk the stairs of our house with her Daddy. He turns up the iPOD if she is crying and he swears she already has music preferences. He also rocked her in his video chair, when he got tired of walking! Thank goodness for those things, now we have a 'rocking chair' on each floor!

Gwen is really starting to follow objects with her eyes. Today I spied her looking at the mobile above her swing. We also started 'tummy time'. She is having more control over her head. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that so much, mostly of her eating the catepillar, but what can I say I am new at this. I am really disappointed though, because she rolled herself right off the catepillar and I was so shocked I missed that picture opportunity also, you will just have to fill in the blanks with the pictures I did get.
I pulled her up a little after this picture and she played for a couple minutes with the mat before the roll over. (Do you think her hair has gotten lighter? I can't tell as much in this picture, but she certainly has her Dad's hairline...he is the one that commented on it first, or I would have never written it here!)

As you can see she was just as shocked as I was!


Amy F. said...

Gwen is so adorable! Tummy time looked like fun....well until she scared herself..... :o) I love that picture of Eric, Gwen, and the iPod...That will so be Morgan....So I'm interested to hear what kind of music she likes the most...haha...

It's hard to believe several weeks have already gone by.....You seem to have the hang of things.....It will probably take me a year before I get in the swing of things!

Amy :o)

Mel said...

oh, you'll be fine! If I can do it, you can. You at least have local support...mine is all long distance support! Things apparently get easier after 4-6 weeks...I can't wait. Right now she feel asleep in my lap & I am afraid to move/change her b/c I know the peace & quiet will be gone! I think Eric said she likes Jimmy Hendricks, but I will have to update that later as the memory is a little fuzzy.